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Walking into the customer's home, what is presented in front of us is the simple and elegant Japanese warm color home decoration style. Although there is no strong color in the whole space, it does not lack the charm of fashion. Neat and elegant

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the starting point of happiness is very simple. Sleep on a soft bed, feel the joy brought by creation, and listen to the lover say a love word, Spend a happy weekend with your children... With love in your heart and warmth in your eyes, happiness is very simple. Walking on the journey full of sunshine, Lizhu wooden door always feels the happiness of every customer's home

Shanghai, a fashionable city with a strong romantic atmosphere, has a strong sense of art filled with every bustling street, even in the warm shade under the sun. And when you step into the courtyard of the 'buzzing' home of the award-winning customer of "basking in your lizhumen", the scenery in front of you is really different. The quiet and simple all day courtyard is natural and fresh, with less urban luxuriance and more gentle and quiet elegance. What attracts our attention in this unique Japanese style garden courtyard is the porch door that Lizhu people are familiar with. I don't know whether it is the visual effect of loving houses and Ukraine. I always feel that this natural oak color vertical grid entry door of Lizhu fits very well with this simple and elegant Japanese style courtyard, which is natural, fresh and atmospheric, and a good Japanese style facade. It's thought that our old client 'buzzing' of lizhimen should be a master who loves Japanese style of living

when you walk into a customer's home, what you see is a simple and elegant Japanese warm color home decoration style. Although there is no strong color in the whole space, it does not lack the charm of fashion. It is neat and elegant, and virtually has the magical power to calm people from the irritability of midsummer. All the malt yellow wooden doors of Li Zhukang Yili series are selected by the customer 'Wenfeng' home, which are very consistent with the hickory primary color floor and Japanese simple furniture, making the whole indoor space look warm and harmonious. Moreover, it can be seen that customers also have a lot of research when choosing the style of wooden door. The bathroom adopts the BKM style of Li Zhu wooden door Kangfei Li series, with a narrow frosted glass design, simple lines and a light light light through the frosted glass, which is not dim visually but keeps privacy; The bedroom adopts the BKB style of the kangyili series of Lizhu wooden doors. The door body is clean and neat, making the space more independent. The simple and elegant style fully demonstrates the simple style characteristics of Japanese style

the client 'buzzing' lady is an elegant woman who studies music and likes home decoration design, while her lover is a refined man who studies home decoration design but likes music. The same interests and hobbies make the two have the same sharp vision and fine emotions. Working is a kind of happy enjoyment, and relaxing in leisure is a kind of emotional sublimation. The two people who work as delicate as life and live as meticulous as poetry also have a great love for the simple Japanese style of home furnishing. Their keen sense of art, high-quality requirements of life and high attention to the healthy growth of children make them have high requirements for every "member" who "walks into" the home

when talking about why they choose Lizhu wooden door in home decoration, they think that first of all, it is because of the sensitivity of home decoration design and their love for Japanese style home furnishing complex, so they all know about Japanese home decoration brands, and Lizhu wooden door is precisely the product of the famous Japanese brand [Lizhu], so they have a meticulous understanding of Lizhu wooden door when selecting wooden doors; Secondly, the humanized design, simple style, natural and fresh texture and color of Lizhu wooden door really match the Japanese style; Moreover, the surprise brought by Lizhu wooden door in the process of use has never been interrupted. From the beginning of installation, it has no taste at all, light and quiet; The door closer installed on the wooden door is very practical. No matter how hard you use to close the door, the door will close slowly at last, and you don't have to worry about pinching the child's hand; The simple lock design on the door body is also very intimate. If the child is locked in the room by mistake, the door can be opened with a coin outside the door, which is very suitable for families with children and the elderly at home; Lizhu wooden door has been used for more than two years, and there is no sign of aging. Moreover, the Lizhu wooden door installed in the basement has not been deformed due to humidity. The most important thing is to distribute it with Muji Feng Japanese style house, which is worthy of Japanese quality

it can be said that the "buzzing" couple, who are old customers of Lizhu wooden door, are at the forefront of fashion trends in terms of work, hobbies, home decoration design and quality of life. The comfortable experience that Lizhu wooden door brings to them in their home life is the ultimate goal of Lizhu wooden door and its commitment to each customer. I believe that in the future home life, Lizhu wooden door will bring more wonderful experiences and surprises to this happy family of three

if you live in Shanghai and want to create a unique Japanese style home style, you can't help but walk into the Lizhu wooden door Shanghai store and feel the different charm of Lizhu wooden door closely

store name: Hongxing Macalline franchise store on Zhenbei Road, Shanghai

store address: g8122, F1, Hongxing Macalline South Hall, No. 1108, Zhenbei Road, Shanghai (opposite the service desk on F1)

Contact: 021-52810179

store name: Shanghai Xiyingmen exclusive store

store address: 102 on the first floor of Xiyingmen wood shopping mall, No. 299 Yishan Road, Shanghai

Contact: 021-64642827

store name: Shanghai Xinglida decoration City store

store address: No. a4-014, west area, building materials Life Center, 4th floor, Xinglida decoration City, No. 2588 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai

Contact: 021-54259200

store name : Shanghai Wuzhong road Hongxing Macalline store

store address: No. 1388, Wuzhong Road, Shanghai

contact method: 13391237338

store name: Shanghai J 'house store

store address: South third floor, No. 320, Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

contact method: 18018609968

store name: Shanghai Pujiang Town Hongxing Macalline exclusive store

store address: No. 1969, Puxing Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Dragon 3f

Contact: 17717698446

store name: Shanghai Hunan Hongxing Macalline store

store address: d8186-1, 4th floor, Hongxing Macalline, No. 1278, Hunan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Contact: 13611879729

store name: Shanghai Wenshui road Hongxing Macalline store

store address: z8063 Lizhu exhibition hall, ground floor, Hongxing Macalline complex building, No. 1555, Wenshui Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Contact: 1395 1795 6168

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