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On the afternoon of September 2, an investigation team led by GE Honglin, Secretary of the party leading group and chairman of the board of directors of Aluminum Corporation of China, visited NAC for investigation

Ge Honglin, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of Aluminum Corporation of China

in the afternoon of September 2, an investigation group composed of Ge Honglin, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of Aluminum Corporation of China, and his delegation visited Nanjing Aluminum Corporation for investigation. Lin weichong, Deputy Secretary General of the Fujian provincial government, Guo Xiwen, director of the provincial SASAC, Lin Zujian, general manager of Fujian metallurgical (holding) company, and zhangguowang and liushanying, leaders of Nanping City, accompanied the investigation

Lin Zuojian, general manager of the Provincial Metallurgical Company, introduced the aluminum bus stop and overpass products to ge Honglin. Ge Honglin and his party first came to the new landmark of Nanlu aluminum on the industrial road - the first independently designed and manufactured aluminum alloy pedestrian overpass in Fujian Province. He watched the bus waiting station made of aluminum alloy beside the overpass with great interest and boarded the pedestrian overpass

Ge Honglin visited the aluminum alloy pedestrian overpass and the South aluminum community

after visiting the national green community - the South aluminum community, Ge Honglin and his party came to the square of the South aluminum company to have a detailed look at the energy-saving and environmental protection "green" aluminum alloy building template samples made by the South aluminum mold company, and the first one independently developed by the South aluminum lightweight integration division, which is 13 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 0.6 meters high, Half rail and half trailer heavy logistics vehicles with a rated load of 40 tons, 8.6-meter aluminum bus bodies, special aluminum generator cars, and aluminum sanitation vehicles. Later, Ge Honglin and his delegation visited the product exhibition hall of Nanjing Aluminum Corporation. The rich innovative products in the exhibition hall attracted Ge Honglin's attention. The high-end customized products made by the aluminum profile business department - minaluminum mavoza aluminum alloy door and window system and fast-moving green energy-saving door and window system attracted the attention of GE Honglin and his delegation. He looked and asked, and communicated with Lin Zuojian, Li Xiang and other leaders

Ge Honglin visited the series of innovative products of Nanjing Aluminum Corporation and listened to the introduction of the company's leaders

after visiting the energy-saving and environment-friendly aluminum electrolysis production line of Nanjing Aluminum Corporation and the world-class melting and casting technology equipment - high-quality round ingot production line, Ge Honglin and his party came to the 314 conference room of the company to have a discussion with the company's leaders. Lin Zujian, general manager of the Provincial Metallurgical Company, and Li Xiang, chairman, general manager and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, reported to ge Honglin on the scale, production and sales of the enterprise. In particular, in the face of the severe situation of the decline of the aluminum industry, while actively striving for the support of preferential policies for electricity prices, Nan'an aluminum will focus on the key objectives, work hard, comprehensively implement the measures to turn losses into profits, deepen the market-oriented reform of enterprises, improve operational performance, and rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote the diversified transformation and upgrading of aluminum processing products. It will end its losses from April this year, and will achieve the goal of overall profitability this year

Ge Honglin visited the production line of Nanjing aluminum and had a discussion with the company's leaders

Ge Honglin highly affirmed the achievements made by Nanjing aluminum in turning losses and increasing profits, product innovation and enterprise transformation and upgrading. Ge Honglin said that Chalco is accelerating the promotion of quality and efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading, and focusing on cultivating new development drivers. He hopes to rely on the industrial foundation and technological advantages of Nanping and Nanping aluminum, continue to extend and improve the industrial chain, actively explore and deepen bilateral cooperation, strive to expand cooperation fields and projects, improve the level and quality of cooperation, and make new contributions to the development of China's aluminum industry and the economic and social development of Nanping





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