New house decoration process

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1. Preliminary design -- 2 Main body demolition and modification -- 3 Hydropower Transformation -- 4 Carpentry -- 5 Tiling -- 6 Brush wall paint -- 7 Kitchen and bathroom ceiling -- 8 Cabinet installation -- 9 Installation of wooden door -- 10 Floor installation -- 11 Lay wallpaper -- 12 Radiator installation -- 13 Switch socket installation -- 14 Lamp installation -- 15 Hardware cleaning

1. Preliminary design -- 2 Main body demolition and modification -- 3 Hydropower Transformation -- 4 Carpentry -- 5 Tiling -- 6 Brush wall paint -- 7 Kitchen and bathroom ceiling -- 8 Cabinet installation -- 9 Installation of wooden door -- 10 Floor installation -- 11 Lay wallpaper -- 12 Radiator installation -- 13 Switch socket installation -- 14 Lamp installation -- 15 Hardware and sanitary ware installation -- 16 Curtain rod installation -- 17 Pioneer cleaning -- 18 Furniture mobilization -- 19 Home appliance installation -- 20 Home accessories

first, understand and compare the selection of decoration companies

sorting ideas: coordinate and unify the ideas and opinions of family members, read more materials and cases, and preliminarily determine the style

budget preparation: according to the family financial situation, preliminarily determine the decoration budget and make it rich. Determine the upper limit of foreseeable basic projects such as decoration and main materials and strictly implement it

prompt: it is normal for the final account to exceed the budget by 10%, and it is not fresh if it exceeds 30%

selection method: it's the most tiring to contract the cleaning work, and the most worrying to contract the labor and materials. It's still the main materials to purchase by yourself, and let the decoration company handle the rest

select two ways of the company for reference: A entrust the supervision company to bid

b go directly to the home decoration market to find a home decoration company


it is common practice to go directly to the home decoration market to find home decoration companies, which can make an intuitive comparison between the abilities of home decoration companies and designers; The bidding form of the entrusted supervision company has not been generally recognized by the market. The reputation of the supervision company is on the one hand. Secondly, the bidding companies are mostly public decoration companies involved in the home decoration market, and there is still a gap between the brand appeal and some home decoration companies. No matter which way you choose, Jiayi recommends that you never choose the street decoration team, otherwise you will suffer endless losses

II. Negotiate and finalize the decoration plan

put forward requirements for the design plan, draw sketches, comprehensively communicate, conduct on-site measurement, provide construction and effect drawings, and prepare and provide the decoration budget


1. Most home decoration companies do not charge design fees separately, but the design will be a little disciplined and form a routine

2. Some companies have paid designers. If you want to publicize your personality and have plenty of money, you can ask them to design independently, not only because these designers are generally senior designers, but also provide full supervision and guidance for your home decoration. The general charge is 2000-3000 yuan, which is good value for money

III. sign the decoration contract

sign the contract to determine the decoration scheme and materials, determine the project budget, determine the construction period, and sign the contract


1. The budget provided by the home decoration company at this time is only the budget of predictable projects, and the structural demolition and modification, pipe routing and wiring, gypsum ceiling, lamp installation, etc. should be calculated according to the actual measurement after the completion of the stage project, remember

2. Beware of overstatement and misrepresentation in the budget of home decoration companies. It is suggested that the project budget should not be confirmed on the spot, and it is best to recalculate and review by on-site measurement

3. Read the contract carefully, and ask them to explain or sign a supplementary agreement on the spot if their responsibilities and rights are unclear

4. The signed contract should be a contract uniformly standardized by the relevant national departments, and after signing, it should be identified by the market or sealed to confirm its validity

IV. construction, hire someone or supervise the work in person


1 Check the flatness of walls, floors and roofs and the water supply and drainage pipes of the rooms

2. Check the smoothness of electricity and gas, and make records

3 Material preparation

4. Personnel scheduling. Determine the construction personnel and the person in charge of the site

5. Workshop and site setting out. Show the construction drawings and construction production requirements

construction process of decoration company

1 Demolition project Demolition: if it is structural, the formalities should be completed. Handling: demolished garbage and waste materials. Cleaning: clean the construction site

2. Hydropower and coal engineering

A. discharge of cold and hot water pipes and installation of water supply equipment

b. the power supply, electrical appliances, telecommunications, lighting lines are discharged, the location of the cassette is determined, and the switch socket of the cable box is positioned and installed

c. discharge and installation of gas pipelines and gas appliances

3. Masonry A. bricklaying, partition walls, doors and windows B. painting C. clothes rack installation

4. Metalwork engineering A. installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows and plastic steel doors and windows. B. Anti theft doors and windows, canopy installation. C. Clothes rack installation

5. Woodworking engineering A. production of wood products: door and window covers, wall panels, top corner lines, ceiling partitions, kitchenware, porches, etc

b. soft sleeper furniture production (wardrobe, bookcase, TV cabinet, shoe box, etc.)

c. lay the floor and skirting line (board). D. Inlay and fitting of glass products

6. Facing works are pasted on the wall, paper (cloth) on the top, and soft decoration is made

7. Paint engineering A. approve embedded walls, top putty and paint. B. Apply putty to wooden products. Paint. C. Paint the floor and skirting line (board). D. The top of the wall is painted with emulsion paint

8. Installation works

a. electrical switch, socket panel installation, lamp installation

b. door lock and doorbell

c. three piece set of sanitary ware and hardware accessories (faucet, soap tank, towel rack, carton, bathtub handrail, mirror glass)

d. fume extractor, water heater, exhaust fan


1. The engineering projects in each stage are different, and the focus is to confirm the materials, on-site supervision of key parts, and on-site inspection and acceptance

2. Strictly control the project progress and choose to purchase main and auxiliary materials in advance to avoid delaying the construction period

3. Gas, plastic steel, flooring and other projects that need to be constructed by the manufacturer should be coordinated with the decoration team in advance to determine the detailed scheme, so as to avoid problems and mutual promotion

v. acceptance and renovation by special personnel or in person

overall acceptance and renovation of space

1 Clean up, and clean up the decorated rooms one by one

2. Conduct acceptance according to the acceptance standard (if rectification is required, conduct inspection again)

3. Provide pipeline circuit diagram and warranty card of equipment and products

4. Summarize and calculate according to the actual decoration quantities and issue invoices

5. Issue decoration engineering credit engineering warranty card


don't just look at the big side. Corners are the key, especially at the corners and junctions of different materials. If problems are found at this time, they can be solved immediately, otherwise they will have to wait for after-sales service

VI. expense settlement


1. Carefully review various expenses calculated according to the actual measurement, and recheck all expenses according to the budget table to avoid double calculation. The expenses paid to the decoration company according to the contract

2. We should consider the warranty period. Pay most of the decoration money in advance. It's best to settle all expenses after the warranty period

VII. Guarantee and pay off the expenses

after decoration service, after warranty, settle all expenses with the decoration company

VII. Warranty, pay off the fees

if the decoration company promises after-sales service, we must pay attention to the best after the warranty and then settle all the expenses with the decoration company





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