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"The house is going to be decorated, but as a decoration Xiaobai, he doesn't understand anything. What can I do?" Mr. Zhang, who lives in Chengtou Hancheng, is about to hand over his house, and the decoration is also imminent. He hopes to master the decoration knowledge by participating in some public welfare activities. According to the editor of Wuhan home decoration network, there are not a few owners who decorate for the first time like Mr. Zhang. They generally don't understand the decoration market or budget, can't distinguish which design style is suitable for them, don't know how to find a good designer, don't choose materials, and have no clue about decoration in general

now, there is a good opportunity to learn decoration! At 9 a.m. on August 18 (Sunday), Wuhan home decoration network and Carnival decoration will jointly hold the latest "see model ・ learn decoration" activity, which will lead owners into six decoration model houses with different house types and different construction stages to enjoy the decoration effects of various styles on the spot. The senior designers of the carnival explain the whole process, and the engineering experts teach you to identify the construction process, so as to help you easily deal with the problems you may face in the decoration process

different from previous periods, this period's activity is no longer just to observe the model houses selected by the decoration company, but to review the decoration results of "decoration bidding" users who have successfully signed the bill through Wuhan home decoration network. Wuhan home decoration network "decoration bidding" is deeply loved by owners in Wuhan, and has provided this service for nearly one million owners free of charge for seven years. The registered owners can enjoy the services of free house measurement, design drawings and budget from three decoration companies, which can avoid the pain of running around. At the same time, they may also get the concessions won by the website for the decoration owners. So, is the decoration company treating network customers equally? Through this activity, you can clearly understand

if you are about to decorate or are in the process of decoration, you are welcome to sign up for this period's "see model ・ learn decoration" activity. Registration address: http://www.whjzw.net/ybf/ybf3.html 。 In addition, you can also provide the house type map of your home. We will invite the designer to give you a plan in advance for your comparison and reference. Registration hotline: 400-607-2258





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