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For the decoration of residential houses, we can't just focus on the uniqueness of style. After all, Feng Shui is the key to our fortune. Therefore, we need to be careful about the taboos of Feng Shui in the decoration of residential houses, so as to prevent violating these taboos and affecting our fortune; So what are the taboos of Feng Shui decoration of residential houses? The following is the related articles of small collation. Let's have a look

what to avoid in Feng Shui decoration of residential houses

what to avoid most in Feng Shui decoration of residential houses

bedrooms should not be arranged in a variety of colors

the colors of bedrooms should be simple and warm, and should not be too bright, nor should they be arranged in a variety of colors. Excessive luxury and glittering decorations are particularly inappropriate

you cannot see the kitchen and toilet before you enter the door.

you must see the living room before you enter the door, otherwise it will be returned. In all rooms, you will see the living room at the entrance. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom first when you enter the door. This is the taboo of Yangzhai, which is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family's luck will decline

irregular rooms should not be used as bedrooms

irregular rooms cannot be used as the master bedroom of couples, otherwise it will lead to the consequences of long-term marriage infertility

the door should not be opposite the door

the door is not good for the door! The bedroom door should not face the door directly, otherwise it is easy to induce residents to ignore business

irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens

irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens. If they are used as kitchens, they will affect the health of family members. Irregular houses can only be used as storage rooms

do not press the top of the beam

do not press the top of the beam, which will affect the mood and health. The beam should not be pressed above the head of the bed, desk and dining table. It is unavoidable to design the ceiling to block it, otherwise it will affect the mood and health of the residents and hinder their career

don't use the bathroom to bed

use the bathroom to bed. Be careful of bad diseases. In the master bedroom, except that the bed can't be directly opposite to the bathroom, the side is also unlucky, which is easy to cause people to suffer from serious bad diseases

don't make the picture hanging at the head of the bed too large

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1, 1234 next page. The huge picture at the head of the bed should not be large. It can increase the elegance of the bedroom, but it is appropriate to be light and short. Don't make the big picture with thick and huge frames. Otherwise, once the hook falls off, cut off the head when it is cut off, it will be either death or injury, and you can't be careless

the bathroom should not be wet, unclean or have peculiar smell

only a clean bathroom can keep money. The bathroom is the place of sewage discharge. In addition to the orientation to comply with the Central Bureau, the bathroom should not be wet, unclean or have peculiar smell. If you can keep it clean and dry, you can keep money

avoid the arrangement of several rooms in the room

the door goes straight to the end, and there is constant trouble at home. Avoid connecting several rooms in a row with a long corridor like a hotel, otherwise it is easy to have an affair and elopement, and it is difficult to be safe

avoid the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

the bathroom is located at the end of the corridor. If there is a corridor in the big fierce house, the bathroom should only be located at the edge of the corridor, not at the end, otherwise it will be big fierce

don't open a big window at the head of the bed

don't open a big window at the head of the bed. It's a Feng Shui taboo to open a window at the head of the bed. Be sure to remember

avoid the corner shot in the room

the corner shot is bad for marriage. No matter men or women in their personal rooms, they should avoid corner shots, otherwise it will affect their mood and health, and it is also bad for love and marriage. It must be remedied as soon as possible

avoid cold light bulbs in the bedroom

warm light bulbs are conducive to feelings. The light in the bedroom is very important to the feelings of couples. Try to use warm light bulbs and less cold light bulbs or fluorescent lamps

houses should not have corners

corners. It is advisable to use potted plants to resist them. If you want to have a safe and healthy home, if possible, you should choose a house without corners around to form corners. Such as one's own house

what should be avoided in the Feng Shui decoration of rural residential houses

Feng Shui taboo of rural residential houses I

there is a stress on planting trees in rural residential houses. At the same time, the roots of vegetation (especially tree roots) that affect the building should be removed during the construction of the house. As we all know, the power of trees is huge. Recurrent roots can even collapse the foundation and the wall. In the Feng Shui layout of rural houses, attention should also be paid to the East and south of the house, and trees should not be planted. Once the trees grow vigorously, the rich shade will affect the ventilation and lighting of the house. Pine trees are planted in the west of the house, Daji

rural residential Feng Shui taboo 2

low courtyard walls and barbed wire are forbidden around the house. Like a prison, it is becoming increasingly poor. Such a house is considered extremely expensive in rural residential Feng Shui. At the same time, a certain gap should be reserved between the enclosure and the main body of the house. This is a matter of great concern in ancient mansions and courtyards. A proper "blank" can make the homeowner smooth sailing

rural residential Feng Shui taboo 3

there are 4 pages in total, page 1 1234, next page the location relationship between house and road. There is a road to the west of the house, which is considered to be a great blessing in the rural residential geomancy. Of course, we should clearly distinguish between the road to the West and the road to the West. The path in front of the door is continuous, safe and rich. The road in front of the door like a bow is considered extremely inappropriate, and the arrow is on the line and has to be fired

rural residential Feng Shui taboo IV

Feng Shui in front of the door should be paid attention to. The bridge rushes through the gate, always breaking money, and the triangular fence is prone to accidents. At the same time, the front door should be cleaned day by day, and garbage must not be stacked. It is not only harmful to health, but also considered to be money dispersing in rural residential Feng Shui. It's best not to have a sewage pool in front of the door. If there is, remember to cover it, otherwise you will lose money and hurt yourself. (Feng Shui)

what should be avoided in Feng Shui decoration of high-rise residential buildings

1. The balcony should not be directly opposite the kitchen

the balcony is facing the kitchen, which is called chuanxinsha in Feng Shui. Such a layout makes the family lose cohesion. There is likely to be a third party between husband and wife, and children often wander outside

solution: if the pattern of the home has become like this, it is difficult to change the layout, so you can add a soft partition between the balcony and the kitchen, such as screens and flower racks, which will be much easier

2. Avoid facing the door directly from the balcony

the balcony facing the door is another kind of heart piercing evil. Although such a layout will not break the family, it will make it difficult for the family to gather wealth

cracking method: set the porch cabinet at the porch position, and then put the fish tank. However, it should be noted that the fish tank belongs to water. If the family has something to overcome it, this method cannot be adopted. Then you can set up a screen at the porch to stop the spread of wealth

3. Sofa, bed, desk, etc. should not be placed under the beam

sofa, bed and desk are all places where people often sit and lie. Having a beam on the head will give people a lot of pressure, make people mentally lax, neurasthenia and physical illness

solution: the most direct way is to try to avoid placing these furniture under the beam. If there is no other way, wrap the beam during interior decoration

4. The stove should not be facing the balcony door, kitchen door or front door

this situation will damage the health of diners at home

solution: Hang curtains on the kitchen door, which is simple and convenient

5. Do not install bright glasses at home

mirrors are evil spirits in Feng Shui, which will destroy the magnetic field in the home. Now many people will install large-area mirrors in their homes for bright visual effects, which is not very good. Because the reflection and refraction of the mirror will cause illusion and distraction

solution: if a large-area mirror has been installed at home and it is difficult to disassemble, simply cover it with a cloth

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