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Subvert the tradition and cause changes

in 2016, the home decoration industry is ushering in a major change. Traditional home decoration enterprises are transforming and developing towards e-commerce. The market integration speed is fast, and the integrated home decoration market presents a new vitality. Due to the vigorous development of network marketing and the personalized and diversified needs of consumers in the new economic era, the original business philosophy and mode of the home decoration industry must adapt to the new needs and changes of the market, and the market calls for innovation and change

in 2017, the competition in Fuzhou home decoration market became increasingly fierce. How to win the “ Popular support ” Become a problem that home decoration enterprises need to study

decoration afraid of falling into a trap

experience first and then pay to solve your worries

anyone who has been in contact with decoration will inevitably have lingering fears about the complexity of the decoration market. Whether it's a small decoration company or a decoration team with scattered troops, it's nothing like this. of course. The development of every industry and brand is inseparable from norms and user trust. Due to the information asymmetry and complexity of traditional home decoration, consumers have doubts about the decoration market. How to win the trust of consumers by good brand and good decoration companies has also become a problem that decoration enterprises want to solve

at present, brand home decoration companies are gearing up. On the one hand, they are working hard to find more brands and resources for cooperation; On the other hand, we should keep a close eye on the market dynamics, strive to be ahead and walk out of our own characteristic road

recently, Fuzhou home decoration industry leader Youjia decoration launched “ Experience before payment ”, On the basis of the original preferential promotion, we will make further efforts. It is reported that home decoration launched “ Experience before payment ” The activity is different from the previous “ Decoration before payment ” There is a big difference, in which the decoration fee = design fee + management fee + engineering fee (labor cost and material cost). Youjia decoration dares to take the lead in the industry and creatively launch “ Experience before payment ” Initiatives. During the activity, the construction can be started only by paying the design fee + management fee until the embedding of concealed water and electricity works is completed, and the payment of project funds can be started after the acceptance of water and electricity embedding. This move will undoubtedly bring significant benefits to Fuzhou citizens who need decoration! It is estimated that the mainstream house type will spend 10000 yuan to do about 50000 things first, and then there will be no worries about decoration, opening the era of affordable home decoration experience

decoration companies advance money in advance

only when they have strong strength and brand can they do it.

traditional decoration requires payment before decoration. They need to pay as much as they want to decorate. For general decoration owners, the most worrying thing is that they are not satisfied with the service after payment and cannot be solved. However, the measure of having home decoration experience first and then pay makes consumers' concerns easily resolved. Advance the decoration payment for consumption, and pay after the water and electricity are embedded, and the consumers are satisfied with the acceptance, so as to minimize the risk of consumers. This also played a pioneering role in the reform of the entire home decoration industry in Fuzhou

“ 0. For additional services, the budget quotation is almost equal to the completion settlement price; At the same time, the company is the provincial general agent of many brand building materials, and has integrated furniture factories, curtain factories, bathroom factories, etc., in order to strive for cost-effective materials and the best price for customers& rdquo; The person in charge of home decoration revealed the business secret of home decoration to the author, creating value for customers and creating a reputation for home





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