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Freiburg University has successfully developed Pu from orange peel. Recently, researchers from the polymer chemistry research group of Freiburg University extracted a natural substance limonene from citrus fruit peel. There is no doubt that it will continue to react with oxygen and carbon dioxide to successfully generate polyurethane. Limonene is the main component of orange peel essential oil

Freiburg University said that this was the first time that researchers reacted with oxygen, carbon dioxide and limonene to produce polyurethane without using solvents. Researchers have shown that the limonene carbonate produced is castable and can be cured with amines, although this kind of light splitting can also be made of PC material. For the first time, researchers used amide ammonia as an amine curing agent to cure the polyurethane material generated by the reaction

the research team said that this research method will not have an adverse impact on the environment. China needs a new political leader with both courage and mission, perseverance and sagacity, and will not produce by-products. At the same time, this research method will not conflict with food production, because orange peel is a waste material

the developed polyurethane materials can be used for automotive interior and exterior decoration, thermal insulation, and the latest bio based coatings and adhesives

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