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From "artificial embankment Patrol" to "water UAV": Science and technology helps South China, which is impossible for vertical experiments) Fang flood control and flood fighting

from "artificial embankment Patrol" to "water UAV": Science and technology helps South China flood control and flood fighting

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original title: from "artificial embankment Patrol" to "water UAV": Science and technology helps South China flood control and flood fighting

from "artificial embankment Patrol" to "water UAV" Hefei, July 19, Xinhua News Agency (Shen Yang, Ma Shurui, fan fan) after entering the main flood season, he Xuexue, chief of the dispatching section of the flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office in Anqing City, Anhui Province, was on duty every day, staring at the computer and checking the real-time water and rain conditions

"today, flood forecasting for the main stream and primary tributaries of the Yangtze River, large reservoirs, key medium-sized reservoirs and lakes along the river has achieved full coverage." He Xue is easy to say. The automatic rainfall and water level measurement and reporting system provides accurate data support for scientifically formulating flood control emergency plans and initiating emergency response mechanisms

in the summer of 1998, 20 years ago, a catastrophic flood occurred in the whole Yangtze River Basin. In Sanyi village, baizehu Township, Anqing City, where he Xuexue's home is located, every household has transferred food, household appliances and other property to relatives in the mountainous area, and the elderly, women and children have basically evacuated. He Xuexue, 16, patrolled the Yangtze River Levee with young men in the village to see the water level

"take a bamboo pole, a flashlight and an umbrella, and have a rest for half an hour every two hours. When you look at the water level, you row a small boat, swim in a life jacket, and look at it at night with lights. It is very troublesome and unsafe." He Xue is easy to say

20 years ago, the situation sometimes flashed in my mind. However, with the promotion of the construction of the automatic measurement and reporting system for rain and water conditions, he Xuexue and his colleagues no longer need to be in the river for the basic work of "watching the water level". At present, there are more than 600 automatic rainfall stations and more than 210 water level stations in Anqing city

Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province, located on the Bank of Poyang Lake, is low-lying and prone to floods. Two years ago, Nanchang County started to use UAVs to patrol the flood situation, and invested large multi rotor aircraft and fixed wing UAVs to help prevent and fight the flood, so as to further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of flood control and flood fighting in supporting and driving the industry of the province

recently, it was learned from the flood control department of Jiangxi province that the general headquarters of flood control of Jiangxi Province also purchased 5 sets of large-scale waterlogging drainage equipment that can be adapted to different areas such as urban areas and farmland, as well as 7 sets of new flood control and rescue materials such as remote-control life-saving robots on water

xuweiming, Secretary General of the general Defense Department of Jiangxi Province and deputy director of the Department of water resources, described the water remote rescue robot as a "water UAV". In case that people are trapped in the middle of the river by flood or someone falls into the water, the operator can put the life-saving robot in the shape of a small boat into the water and control it with a tablet computer or controller on the shore. After the robot reaches the designated place quickly, it can save three to four people at a time

the use of the new flood control equipment has not only improved the mobility and timeliness of emergency rescue, helped to take response measures in advance to reduce the loss of people's lives and property, but also changed the previous "hand to hand" flood fighting with spades, pickaxes and woven bags

the third brigade of the second detachment of the hydropower force of the armed police participated in the flood control and rescue of the Yangtze River in 2016. The domestic large aircraft project has driven the development trend of high-end manufacturing industry. At the rescue site in Wangjiang County, Anhui Province, they used a Chinese made "anti flood artifact" - a collapsible mobile water blocking wall, and continue to "prepare" for this year's flood control work

it can be seen that the core component of this "artifact" is a water filled canvas waterproof bag - an impermeable large water bag, which can reach 6 meters when unfolded and less than 1 meter when folded. In case of overtopping or breach, the operator shall move the mobile folding water shutoff wall to the site, assemble, splice and fill water, and it can play the role of water retaining after 10 minutes

at present, the Huaihe River has also entered the main flood season. Wang Bin, general secretary of the Huaihe River flood control department and inspector of the Huaihe River flood control committee, said that with the "upgrading" of the whole flood control system, hydrometeorological departments at all levels in the Huaihe River Basin have strengthened the refined forecasting of urban rainstorm areas, flash flood prone areas and typhoon landing affected areas, improved the forecasting accuracy and extended the forecast period

"a relatively complete flood control communication system has been built in the Huaihe River Basin, which can timely send flood control tips and early warning information to the surrounding people." Wang Bin said that this information will help cadres and people in the possible disaster stricken areas to take response measures in advance, reduce property losses and avoid casualties

Author: Shen Yang, Ma Shurui, fan fan

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