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On the 17th, following the victory of the first battle of the special campaign against illegal medical practice "operation 2", the Harbin Municipal Health Bureau and the health supervision institute, together with the Acheng District Health Bureau, the health supervision institute and other relevant departments, launched a special attack on illegal medical practice in Acheng District. In this action, 9 illegal diagnostic sites such as welding materials, chemical catalysts and conductive pastes were banned, and 6 pieces of medical devices and 2 boxes of drugs were confiscated

17 at 10:30, he accompanied the law enforcement officers to the "Zheng'an three high laser therapeutic instrument health service center" located at No. 23, huitonghe Hutong, Acheng District. When I entered the room, I saw more than 10 old people experiencing it for free. On the wall of the room was a banner that read "the first domestic therapeutic instrument in China that dare to let hospitals verify the efficacy". The old people who experienced the scene told them that they came twice a day, half an hour each time. Through free experience and the staff here often introduce the efficacy of this therapeutic instrument, many old people spent 3680 yuan to buy the instrument. According to the inspection of law enforcement personnel, the experience site does not have a medical institution practice license, which is an illegal free clinic

11:00, accompanied by the law enforcement officers, they came to the "Jutai health service center" located at No. 9, Qinjian alley, Gaoming community. They saw that the experience place not only sold therapeutic instruments and health products, but also sold drugs. Law enforcement officers also found some official seals of local pharmacies at the scene. According to the staff of Acheng District Drug Administration Department, generally regular pharmacies do not have official seals, which are likely to be engraved privately by the experience site. Law enforcement officers banned the institution on the spot and confiscated two sphygmomanometers on the spot

law enforcement officers came to the "ZIWEIXING free physiotherapy shop" at No. 28, Heping community. Inside, a middle-aged woman is receiving a free experience in a small room. There are not only physiotherapy instruments, health care products and blood pressure in the store. It is suggested that domestic enterprises should pay close attention to the meters, but also a pile of "ZIWEIXING albumin oral liquid" that has been drunk is scattered on the ground. According to the owner of the store, she is not a doctor and has no doctor qualification certificate. She opened the store mainly for her own medical treatment and convenience to the neighbors. Law enforcement officers immediately banned it

12 o'clock, the law enforcement officers came to the "Yonglin comprehensive therapeutic apparatus free experience center" located at No. 40, Guangyuan Yonghu alley, Acheng District. Although it was the lunch break time, there were still many "patient" experiences in the room. The law enforcement officers found a variety of medical instruments such as sphygmomanometers, microcirculation microscopic checkers and stethoscopes at the scene. The place did not have the practice license of medical institutions, and the relevant personnel did not have the qualification of doctors, The law enforcement officers confiscated these medical treatment and instruments on the spot. The staff at the site were very arrogant. When the law enforcement officers wanted to get on the bus, they tried to catch up with them with mops

according to Wen Jinyan, director of the Health Supervision Institute of Acheng District Health Bureau, some experience places are under the banner of free physical examination and health census. The structural block diagram of these places is as shown in the figure. People are free to measure blood pressure, blood glucose and bone mineral density. The relevant personnel in these places are neither doctors nor nurses. Without medical qualifications, their performance is the same, and the measured data are also inaccurate. They just want to sell drugs and instruments, and remind the general public, especially the middle-aged and elderly, not to go to illegal experience institutions, so as not to delay the illness and cause unnecessary losses

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