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From books to brochures to packaging, CTP can improve quality, production and profits

no matter which market it is aimed at, printers will pay attention to process control, pay attention to customer needs, and select the appropriate (CTP) system, which not only improves quality, but also improves productivity. These are the key factors to increase revenue

selecting appropriate CTP technology is a part of it. It is more important to pay attention to workflow as the production basis of CTP system. Three companies located in different parts of the world and facing different cities with the recovery of the economy fully agree with this

Spanish Book printer

Ebro Libro, located in Zaragoza, Spain, is the pre press service provider of Grupo editorial Luis Vives (edelvives), the most important publisher of educational books in Spain

the prepress company produces films, but about 70% of the plates are supplied to countries outside Spain and edelvives. It also provides prepress services for samples and magazines, so it is imperative to establish a high-speed workflow to provide high-quality products

ebro Libro has carefully controlled the prepress. Including proofreading, revision and design as well as traditional printing, this latest filter membrane production system can produce membrane materials with an average diameter of 500 nm or less. Ebro Libro works closely with edelvives and the printing department. Because edelvives operates 24 hours and 365 days, Ebro Libro also needs it. Six of its 32 employees are making plates at edelvives

quality control is very important, said Jesus Sanchez, general manager of Ebro Libro. Ebro Libro strives to maintain quality standards, otherwise it cannot attract customers from other countries. We have a quality control department and three employees monitor all our products: magnetic disc, color separation, CTP version, proofing and style correction

it is precisely because of the importance attached to quality consistency that the company chose Agfa's fully automatic xcalibur 70 XT and online printing machine to ensure quality and speed

sanchez said: Although xcalibur may invest more than other systems, its performance is amazing. The most important thing for us is that the production has increased three times. Another reason for our choice is its reliability and Agfa's technical service and support. Agfa was chosen because of its service and confidence in it

jesus agudo edevlvives' technical manager agreed. What impressed us was Agfa's workflow and support. The main reason is not whether CTP can operate, all CTP systems can operate, but the supporting facilities behind the system. In my opinion, this is the most important. What is related to the system? It should be a well-designed workflow and the supplier's professional response to each customer change

U.S. pamphlet printer

v.g. reed sons stands out from the fierce competition and faces the commercial printers of high consumption customers. Its customers come from the financial and medical industries of Fortune 100, and they are often required to provide high-quality printing within a strict time limit

in the peak season, the company needs higher production capacity to provide faster services to customers and obtain greater profits. Louisville added platemanager to the: xcalibur 45 CTP system in its search for automation. 5. Scott reed, vice president of g.reed, said:

we can't afford to waste before printing. Platemanager makes our prepress system more automated, and can output 200-300 plates every few hours. This is twice the previous output

with such a large number of plates, xcalibur system can operate one or more shifts without supervision, which improves productivity and also gives v.g. reed sons more output to cope with more work

:platemanager makes our prepress system more automated

:platemanager can manage plates of different sizes without loading or unloading plates, so as to ensure that the work can be imaged, printed and sent within the time limit, and make the prepress system of v.g. reed sons easier to align the verticality of the oil cylinder.: Patemanager can manage up to 15 boxes. When there is no plate in a plate box, the device will automatically switch to a plate box containing plates of the same size. This solves the critical installation time. If the plates of a certain size have been used up,:platemanager will jump to another job and prompt the boxes that need attention

:xcalibur 45 is very suitable for v.g. reed sons' current work and is very satisfied with its automation. Reed said: according to experts, our prepress system is the most responsive on the market

the selection of packaging and printing software in Chile should be fully consistent with the model and specification of the controller to be used; With more than 82 years of experience in label and packaging printing, Marinetti packaging company in San Diego is the oldest packaging company in Chile. The main customers are Unilever, Nestle, CCU, carozzi, L'Oreal, Compania Chilena de tabacos

the company stands out among its competitors with leading technology, innovation and the purpose of customer first

Meneghello, general manager of Marinetti packaging company, said: packaging can be said to be the most direct window between customers and products. It is something that customers can see, touch and keep at home for a period of time. It is this full awareness of the important role played by packaging that makes them pay so much attention to customer satisfaction. In order to meet the needs of customers and the international market, Marinetti packaging company has installed a program control system

he said: the electronic tracking system makes it possible to confirm the product status at any time. This ensures that we can provide customers with different services

marinetti packaging company is the first company to purchase xcalibur 45 CTP system in Chile. Agfa's apogee system simplifies the integration of equipment and packaging production software, that is, the integration of ArtPro and Barco systems

meneghello believes that xcalibur 45 CTP system can fully improve the productivity, thus improving the revision process, reaching a higher quality standard and shortening the production time

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