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From desert to ice sea, abb helps green production everywhere

editor's note: from desert to ice sea, abb helps high-quality green production. ABB's "one-stop" solution for solar power generation: turn brilliant sunlight into clean electricity. The article selects several vivid stories to show that ABB's advanced technologies and products help customers increase efficiency and save energy, thereby reducing the adverse impact on the environment, including the process of its robot products helping to convert solar energy into clean electricity; ABB automation technology provides complete and reliable support for pumped storage power stations to ensure the stability of power supply; Its podded electric propulsion system helps the icebreaker move forward at a high speed and smoothly in the ice free sea, greatly improving the operation efficiency and reducing the use cost; ABB Watermaster electromagnetic flowmeter helps the water supply management organization to accurately measure the pumping flow of each well in real time

with the continuous increase of human power demand and the gradual depletion of traditional energy, many countries in the world have turned their attention to solar power generation, hoping to obtain a large amount of clean power from the sun. Following this trend, abb has provided a "one-stop" solution from component production to power output for the solar power generation industry. Next, let's take a look at how this "dragon" can help people turn brilliant sunlight into clean electricity

in the solar power plant, as soon as the raw materials entered the production line, the universality was just like that of today's drugstores. ABB robots welcomed them. They wield flexible mechanical arms to quickly and accurately complete a series of work, such as material picking, processing, assembly, packaging and handling. Soon, new solar panels and reflectors came off the production line and were ready for shipment

in solar power plants, abb control system installs "brain" for panels and reflectors, so that they can change their orientation with the movement of the sun, so as to make full use of light energy. The calculation shows that the battery board equipped with abb control system can generate 35% more power than the fixed battery board

when solar power is generated, it needs to be transmitted. Affected by the solar angle and weather, the power output of the solar power station fluctuates to some extent, which may affect the power safety. ABB's series of power and automation equipment and intelligent power technology can well meet this challenge. It can connect solar power to electricity, isolate harmful fluctuations and ensure stable level operation

as the night falls, the traditional solar power station also goes to "sleep" and waits for the next sunrise. But ABB technology has changed this tradition by allowing the power station to "work at night". This technology uses sunlight to heat salt during the day, and then uses this hot salt to "boil water" at night to generate steam to drive the generator. It can also keep the power station working for 8 hours. This greatly improves the efficiency of the power station, so that people can enjoy green solar power when thousands of lights are on

electric load water regulation

because people use electricity intermittently, the electric load will fluctuate up and down with time. At the peak of power consumption, electric power hopes to obtain additional power to meet the needs of users. At the low power consumption, electric power hopes that people can use more power, so as to "raise" the bottom and avoid the failure of electric power due to too low load. Based on this idea, human beings have designed a pumped storage power station that can "absorb" electricity with water at the low power consumption and "discharge" electricity with water at the peak

pumped storage power stations are generally composed of reservoirs built on high mountains, water sources under the mountains, and pumping and power generation equipment. In the low valley of power consumption, the power station pumps water from the foot of the mountain to the reservoir on the mountain, which can increase the power load; At the peak of power consumption, the power station releases water from the mountain and generates electricity with the discharged water to supplement additional power for electricity. This one receiving and one releasing relieves the pressure of electricity during peak and trough periods, and ensures the stability of power supply. In addition, pumped storage power station can also complete frequency modulation, phase modulation and emergency standby, which are also of great significance to power safety. At present, several pumped storage power stations have been built in the United States, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and other countries and regions

abb is a global leader in power and automation, and can provide complete and reliable products and technical support for pumped storage power stations. Recently, abb signed a US $120million agreement with kraftwerke linth limmern group in Switzerland to provide a series of equipment including transformers, medium voltage switches, instruments and automation products for the latter's new pumped storage power station in linthal Valley, Switzerland

create a more comprehensive "ice sea warrior"

in the Arctic Ocean, where the cold wind is raging, the sea water has already solidified, and there is endless ice. Otherwise, the customer doesn't know how to operate, which seriously affects the customer's work effectiveness. It seems to scare away all ships trying to break in. However, a brave ship appeared. It roared and used the bow in the shape of an ice skate to cut and crush the sea ice ahead. Finally, it opened a waterway to send people and goods to their destination. Needless to say, this "ice sea warrior" is an icebreaker. With it, people can break the ice sea blockade and carry out large-scale scientific research, production, transportation and rescue activities in the bipolar regions

the fly in the ointment is that whenever the management board clearly understands that the "ice sea warrior" returns to the ice free sea after finishing his work, the headache comes. It turns out that when sailing on ordinary water, the bow of the icebreaker like an ice knife will reduce the stability, wave resistance and mechanical efficiency of the ship, which greatly increases the cost of ship owners in navigation safety, fuel and crew comfort. However, with the help of ABB's podded electric propulsion system Azipod, the designers found a solution to the problem - to equip the icebreaker with a bow suitable for surface navigation and a stern suitable for ice breaking. In this way, the icebreaker can move forward at a high speed and smoothly in the ice free sea. When it reaches the ice area, it can reverse the stern to break the ice as long as it rotates Azipod 180 degrees. This "two ends at the same time" design enables the icebreaker to "walk like a fly" on the ice and water, which can greatly improve the operation efficiency and reduce the use cost

since it was put into the market 20 years ago, abb Azipod has equipped dozens of icebreakers from the United States, Finland, Canada, Argentina and other countries, and its good performance has been widely praised by customers

monitor the flow of 195 water wells in real time

Konya is a famous historical and cultural city in Turkey. For thousands of years, local people have been pumping water through wells. Now, there are 195 water wells all over the urban area. Although a large number of wells are a landscape, they also pose a difficult problem for the local water supply management agency Koski - how can the pumping flow of each well be measured in real time and accurately to provide a basis for water supply system management and water charge collection? The traditional mechanical water meter has low accuracy, high failure rate, and can only be read and maintained on site. Therefore, it has not fully met Koski's requirements. With the introduction of ABB Watermaster electromagnetic flowmeter, Koski's problem was solved

watermaster electromagnetic flowmeter measures liquid flow through electromagnetic induction. It has high precision and fast response, and can work in harsh environments such as underground or underwater. The world's first self calibration function can ensure that Watermaster does not need special maintenance throughout its life cycle. In addition, abb has also installed telecommunication equipment for Koski's Watermaster, so that Koski staff can view the current and historical flow of 57.8% of the global market share of each water well in 2013 as long as they operate the computer in the office, instead of running back and forth between 195 wells as before

koski is just one of many application cases of ABB Watermaster. In fact, in addition to the water supply department, sewage treatment and other water transmission related enterprises can also obtain accurate flow data through Watermaster

abb is one of the world's top 500 leading manufacturers in the field of power and automation technology. ABB's technology can help power, utility and industrial customers improve performance while reducing adverse environmental impacts. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 120000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and services. 15000 employees in China serve 27 local enterprises and 38 sales and service branches in 60 different cities. To learn more about abb, please visit

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