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The working group meeting of DC watt hour meter inspection device was held in Shenzhen. DC watt hour meters are designed for DC screen, solar power supply, telecom base station, subway and other applications. This series of meters can measure voltage, current, power, forward and reverse electric energy in DC system. It can not only be used for local display, but also be connected with industrial control equipment and computers to form a measurement and control system

watt hour meter is an instrument used to measure electric energy, also known as watt hour meter, fire meter and kilowatt hour meter, which refers to the instrument used to measure various electrical quantities. When using the watt hour meter, it should be noted that under the condition of low voltage (no more than 500 V) and small current (tens of AMPS), it is widely used in various fields such as construction, transportation, packaging, electric power, aerospace, machine manufacturing and information industry. The watt hour meter can be directly connected to the circuit for measurement. Under the condition of high voltage or large current, the electric energy meter cannot be directly connected to the line. It is necessary to cooperate with the voltage transformer or current transformer to make it possible to re install if the drive is not normal. First of all, it is necessary to take the resource-saving development path to install software. Therefore, it is important to formulate the inspection

it is reported that the Electrical Instrument Branch of China Instrument and meter industry association organized and held the working group meeting on the formulation of the group standard DC watt hour meter inspection device in Shenzhen on July 15, 2020. Twenty four working group members from 19 units attended the meeting. The conference was organized by Shenzhen Xinglong Technology Co., Ltd

the meeting was presided over by wanghongbo, the Secretariat of the Electrical Instrument Branch of China Instrument and meter industry association. Pan Feng, the measuring center of Guangdong Electric Power Co., Ltd., the lead writer, organized the members of the working group to discuss the standardization object, standard structure and standard content, and determined the next work plan

work plan and progress of the next stage: relevant units shall complete the technical index verification report before August 15, 2020, and feed it back to the Secretariat and the main writing unit; Before August 31, 2020, the main writing unit shall form a standard exposure draft and feed it back to the Secretariat

task arrangement of the working group

task unit

task content

Guangdong electricity metering center

chapter title revised "requirements" to "performance"

Guangdong electricity metering center

deleted "inspection device in use"

terms and definitions

Guangdong electricity metering center

added the definition of "source" and the source of terms Modify "error calculation system" to "error calculation unit"

standard electric quantity value

Guangdong electricity metering center

standard reference current takes 300A and 600A as exceptional values

Guangdong electricity metering center

takes safety performance as an independent chapter

informative appendix

typical structure block diagram of supplementary inspection device

technical index verification test

Guangdong electricity metering center Zhejiang electric power company marketing service center, Xinglong, Weston, Kelu, Dingxin and other units (1) verify the accuracy indicators of the inspection device (basic error, measurement repeatability, power supply impact, ripple impact, etc.); (2) It can produce components with high quality and good surface quality without using autoclave. The technical indicators of the main components of the inspection device (power stability of the source, regulation fineness, ripple factor, monitoring instrument error, etc.); (3) Verify the stability index of the straightening device

with the joint efforts of all members of the standards working group, the meeting was successfully completed. It has laid the foundation for the successful completion of the standard

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