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Foton Lovol heavy industry creates a team of high-quality workers in modern industry

Foton Lovol heavy industry creates a team of high-quality workers in modern industry

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Guide: the on-site meeting on the quality construction of workers in Foton Lovol heavy industry was held in Lovol excavator Qingdao factory not long ago. The precise assembly training platform covers the assembly of all parts of the excavator at a glance; Perfect inspection standards, standardized operation, accurate to the strength of the left and right hands, Lovol excavator Qingdao factory

Foton Lovol heavy industry workers' quality construction site meeting was held in Lovol excavator Qingdao factory not long ago. The precise assembly training platform covers the assembly of all parts of the excavator at a glance; The visitors were deeply impressed by the perfect inspection standards, standardized operation, and the strength of accuracy to the right and left hands. The industrial workers training center of Lovol excavator Qingdao factory

in addition to organizing participants to go to the assembly training base, welding training base and service personnel training base of Lovol excavator Qingdao factory for on-site observation, listening to the introduction of training experience, feeling the practical training aids and standardized operation and inspection methods on site, at the on-site meeting on the quality construction of industrial workers held by Lovol excavator Qingdao factory, Foton Lovol heavy industry also released materials such as industrial workers' induction training plan, training base construction standards and employee skill appraisal on site

According to liangqirong, Secretary of the Party committee of Foton Lovol heavy industry, "it is difficult to improve the competitiveness of 'made in China' without an industrial workforce with high stability, integrity and talent, which has stimulated the development of the blow molding machine manufacturing machinery industry, and strong comprehensive quality". Although the market situation of the construction machinery industry in 2012 was relatively severe, the schedule for improving the quality of workers in Lovol excavator industry was still full. At present,

with the severe overall situation of the manufacturing industry and the increasing mobility of industrial workers, Lovol excavator Qingdao plant has begun to work hard on the "stability" of industrial workers. In order to ensure the product manufacturing quality, the company takes the professional skill appraisal of industrial workers as the axis, and further improves the operating skills and comprehensive quality of industrial workers through a series of measures such as the construction of training bases, skill contests, growth funds, etc

in the production workshop of Lovol excavator Qingdao factory, the employees on each assembly line are working hard: assembly, hydraulic system pipeline connection, oil-water filling, hydraulic system filtration... One process after another, busy and orderly. As for the difference in production efficiency between new and old employees, xiexiaobin said: "if the whole small excavation line is made up of old employees, 30 excavators can be offline in a day; but if most of them are new employees, the process is more difficult. During this period, the efficiency of the two will be half the difference, and the quality can not be effectively guaranteed."

xiexiaobin is the Vice Minister of the General Assembly Department of Lovol excavator Qingdao factory. In the opinion of the youngest vice minister of Lovol excavator, the uneven quality of industrial workers will be the greatest enemy of process and product quality. A slow process will affect the normal progress of other processes, "Industrial workers are important production resources in the manufacturing industry. Under the increasing pressure of market competition, whoever has a stable team of high-quality employees may take the initiative in the industry"

in the training center of Lovol excavator Qingdao factory, the author saw a "complex" with modern characteristics. In the spacious and bright training area, the bookshelves in the back row are full of all kinds of books, and there are large screen computers next to them for employees to read e-books. "In addition to training knowledge and skills, regular staff activities will be organized here, such as badminton and table tennis competitions... This is a small world belonging to our industrial workers." Huang ran, an employee in the small excavation workshop of the general assembly department, said with a smile

universities and enterprises jointly improve their ability

in order to improve the overall quality of Lovol excavator service personnel, Lovol excavator also cooperates with Qingdao Binhai University and other universities to create a first-class service team by using campus resources. The type of thunder spring depends on whether it is a tension spring or a compression spring; Wangyuhai, assistant to the general manager of woqing excavator factory, believes that the school enterprise alliance is a win-win model with the joint layout and participation of enterprises, schools and students. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the domestic construction machinery industry, Lovol excavators, facing the changing new situation, constantly respond to the changes, constantly consolidate and improve their own service level through "school enterprise cooperation", and seek the adaptability to the future market

in order to strengthen the training effect and improve the students' practical ability, Lovol excavator provides the training class with a special prototype for testing, and cooperates with the special laboratory of Binhai University. The students can quickly apply theoretical knowledge to practical work, and their overall ability is rapidly improved, which provides a good foundation for the students to quickly adapt to and take over the practical work in the future. It is reported that 132 service engineers who have received training are currently active in different service points of Lovol excavator agents nationwide. Their professional skills and literacy have made them the elites in their respective regions, and further improved the service reputation of Lovol excavator at the terminal. The effect of school enterprise joint education is gradually emerging

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