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Foxconn assembles 1million mechanical arms. What is behind Gou's layout

Foxconn has assembled 1million mechanical arms. What is behind Gou's layout

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original title: Foxconn assembles 1million robotic arms. What is behind Gou's layout

"Hon Hai decided to replace manpower with robots 10 years ago. Our company plans to remove 80% of these workers within 5 years. If we can't do it within 5 years, we will do it within 10 years, because technology is already here." At the shareholders' meeting of Hon Hai Group held on June 22, Terry Gou, chairman of the company, said

Gou made the above statement when asked about overtime. Not long ago, Foxconn's factory in Baishazhou Industrial Park, Hengyang City, Hunan Province, was criticized as a "sweatshop"

according to Dongsen, Terry Gou said at the shareholders' meeting that Hon Hai had conducted a survey on millions of employees, and 70%-80% of them worked as telephone operators with withered leather rings inside the oil tanks, hoping to earn more money and volunteer to work overtime, because they could increase 1. 5% Times the income, so the company is very troubled. If you use 36 hours, you can only work overtime for less than 2 hours a day

Terry Gou said that Chinese Mainland stipulated that employees should not work overtime more than 36 hours per month. This was the regulation in 1994. At that time, there was not so much work. Therefore, if employees worked overtime more frequently and for more hours, others would not work. The regulations of the United States are that overtime cannot exceed 60 hours per month. The regulations of the European Union should be the same. Japan also has 60 hours under the change of pasting, assembly and time flow. Gou said that the competent authorities believe that the current figure is unreasonable, but it is difficult to amend the law

however, he also said that he would strictly abide by the 36 hour overtime rule in the future. As a joint venture between bentler Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (Paderborn, Germany), a Tier-1 automotive supplier, and Sigri group (Wiesbaden, Germany), a fiber solution supplier, the future solution would be to use robots instead of manpower

Hon Hai still has a strong OEM attribute. The group's industrial Fulian, which focuses on industrial interconnection, also disclosed in the prospectus that the company has 269000 employees, including 209000 employees below junior college, accounting for nearly 80%. Of the more than 27 billion yuan raised, 5.108 billion yuan will be invested in high-end precision mechanism intelligent manufacturing and unmanned factory expansion projects

since 2011, Foxconn has proposed to assemble 1million robotic arms within 5 to 10 years, but the progress of the "million robots" plan seems not to be smooth. With the rise of artificial intelligence and big data, Foxconn launched the "lightless factory" production line in 2016

on May 23, Chen Guanqi, vice president of Foxconn industrial interconnection company, disclosed at the Tencent cloud + future summit that through the introduction of industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing, Foxconn has achieved full automation in many production lines and factories, without people or even turning on the lights

"when many customers came to our workshop, they saw that the lights were not turned on, so they asked us if it was a rest time? We didn't have half of us, and the lights were turned off. This is our current light out factory." Chen Guanqi said at that time

in his speech at Tsinghua University on May 16, Gou also revealed that he planned to build a "lightless factory" in Yizhuang, Beijing

at the shareholders' meeting on June 22, Gou also said that the world is now facing the process of economic transformation, and the real economy of manufacturing industry is the battle field of economic strength between countries, industries and industries in the future, and the future of industrial interconnection is very critical. Hon Hai's annual revenue has reached NT $4.707 trillion. This transformation is a turning point for combat class aircraft carriers, but I believe that industrial interconnection is definitely the right direction

Terry Gou once described Foxconn's industrial interconnection ecosystem in nine words, namely, cloud mobile intelligence + robots, "cloud" is cloud computing, "mobile" is mobile information, "things" is IOT, "big" is big data, "intelligence" is artificial intelligence, "and" "is industrial interconnection plus robots. "Foxconn has accumulated a lot of manufacturing experience. These equipment are self-made and we master our core technical capabilities.". Gou made a vivid metaphor: "Foxconn is like an elephant. Now it has comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology to transform industrial interconnection. It can not only dance, but also tango."


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