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From big to strong, Xiaoshan's chemical fiber textile industry has "broken the cocoon into a butterfly"

speaking of the chemical fiber textile industry, Xiaoshan can be called a veritable "industrial kingdom" of chemical fiber textile - the world's largest chemical fiber base. It has decided to complete the division and reorganization of the chemical fiber weaving base in the second quarter of 2019, which is divided into three parts. It is one of the first "China textile industry bases" named by the China Textile Industry Association

nowadays, Xiaoshan chemical fiber textile industry, as the industry leader, has undergone a series of industrial transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment, demonstrating the perfect evolution of the chemical fiber textile industry from large to strong

Xiaoshan has more than 1300 chemical fiber textile enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 160 billion yuan. The chemical fiber production capacity has reached 4.2 million tons, accounting for about 15% of the country; At present, there are 37800 looms, with an annual weaving capacity of 3billion meters; The annual processing capacity of printing and dyeing is 3.77 billion meters. It has formed a relatively complete and characteristic industrial chain structure from raw materials, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing, knitting, warp knitting, and the application of these materials in the fields of railway and aerospace embroidery and home textile

at the same time, through continuous equipment upgrading and technological innovation, Xiaoshan chemical fiber textile industry has the world-class and domestic first-class equipment, technology and process in pta polyester, spandex, viscose and other professional sections; In the downstream weaving industry, it took the lead in realizing the shuttleless weaving of looms; Introduce world-class equipment in dyeing, printing and other finishing and related industries, especially 80% of the finishing equipment is imported international advanced equipment

as a benchmark for the development of China's chemical fiber industry, Xiaoshan chemical fiber textile is an industry of material testing machine, which is far better than the national average in terms of profit rate, return on total assets, return on net assets and other benefit indicators

however, behind the large-scale "industrial kingdom", due to the rapid development and the large total amount, the Xiaoshan chemical fiber textile industry has experienced unprecedented "pains" in the development of the past two years - some structural and quality contradictions are emerging day by day, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the whole industry

the way of transformation and upgrading to "strong" industries

after the pain, it is the right way to find a new development direction of the industry. In the cultivation plan for upgrading the nine major industries in Xiaoshan released last year, the transformation and upgrading plan for the chemical fiber textile industry is included. Among them, Xiaoshan will carry out the transformation and upgrading of the chemical fiber textile industry cluster with the "eight projects" as the main line, such as space optimization and development, leading enterprise leadership, industrial chain improvement, value chain remodeling, management innovation, soft environment optimization, talent training, elimination of backward production capacity, etc, Focus on high-end product manufacturing, key technology research, independent brand building, logistics base construction and government public service platform construction

then, where should we start to realize industrial transformation and upgrading, inject new vitality into traditional industries, and make Xiaoshan chemical fiber textile industry a strong player in industrial development? Many chemical fiber textile enterprises have shown their abilities in improving the industrial chain, manufacturing high-end products, making breakthroughs in key technologies, and upgrading the value chain

Hengyi group and Rongsheng group extend the upstream of the industrial chain and jointly invest in the construction of a 2million ton/year PTA project in Hainan. After the completion of the project, the total PTA production capacity of Yisheng Petrochemical will reach 5million tons, becoming the world's largest PTA producer, striving to make the enterprise stronger; Xinghui group, on the other hand, has taken up the "idea" of the downstream of the industrial chain by investing 60million yuan, adding 480 large park machines, and implementing the technical transformation project of knitted fabrics with an annual output of 40000 tons. After the project is put into operation, the new sales revenue is 600million yuan, making it the largest knitted fabric manufacturer in Xiaoshan

if you have the technology of manufacturing high-end products, you have the say in the high-tech products in the industry. Rongsheng group has invested 500million yuan to build a 90000 ton/year polypropylene terephthalate (PTT) new chemical fiber project, which is expected to increase the annual sales revenue by 2.3 billion yuan

Sanyuan Group believes that tackling key technologies is one of the necessary measures to realize industrial transformation and upgrading. To this end, the Group invested 590million yuan to build a yarn dyed clothing fabric production line, which uses bobbin dyeing to change the traditional process of weaving before dyeing. After the project is put into operation, the new sales revenue is 760million yuan

"without transformation and upgrading, there would be no improvement in the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. We certainly do not have the current status and steady development trend." The person in charge of a large chemical fiber textile enterprise in Yaqian Town, a "famous chemical fiber town in China", said when talking about the transformation and upgrading of the chemical fiber textile industry

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