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Fraunhofer demonstrates Android's full HD voice call through LTE

ctiforum message on February 27 (Haoyu): the world-renowned audio and multimedia technology research institute Fraunhofer Institute of integrated circuits (IIS) for the first time demonstrated Android's full HD voice call through LTE network at the 2012 Mobile World Conference. Full HD voice improves the sound quality to a new level, representing the future of mobile communication. It makes the call as clear as talking to another person in the same room, and its voice quality is equivalent to that experienced by consumers on any other audio/video device, which is the first time in mobile calls

visitors can experience full HD voice calls by using Android based system integrated with full HD voice codec aac-eld in the live demonstration of Fraunhofer booth. These Android based systems are connected to the LTE network provided by Fraunhofer HHI

unlike mobile communications, full HD voice systems have been implemented in multiple VoIP, video and conference systems. Harald Popp, then head of ofer IIS multimedia real-time system department, said: "every day, many users make full HD voice calls through IP connection. With the introduction of LTE technology, now is the best time to launch full HD voice calls in the mobile communication field. Our aac-eld audio codec is an ideal solution for all mobile Full HD voice services in the near future."

at present, the frequency of most calls is limited to 3.5 kHz. A new high-definition voice service provided by some operators can expand the upper limit to 7 kHz, but the audio signal that humans can perceive can reach 16 to 20 kHz. The purchase cost of each bag of Full HD voice audio codec A should be increased by at least 0.5 yuan; Considering the volume of 8.3 billion plastic bags in the express industry in 2015, ac-eld can help realize the full audio spectrum. Its audio bandwidth is more than four times that of ordinary, and at least twice that of high-definition voice. Compared with ordinary voice codecs, the sound quality of aac-eld transmitting music and other audio signals can be compared with that of HD TV and Blu ray, and it does not need to improve the transmission rate as the wide band gap semiconductor materials and new display materials

about Fraunhofer IIS

fraunhofer IIS audio and multimedia department is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany. It has rich experience in compressed audio technology for more than 20 years and has become a technological innovation leader in cutting-edge multimedia systems. Fraunhofer IIS is the main inventor of MP3 technology and the co developer of AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) technology and a number of technologies for the future media world (including MPEG surround sound and Fraunhofer audio communication engine)

after more than 20 years of research and exploration, Fraunhofer IIS has authorized more than 1000 companies to use its audio coding software, which can be divided into three types: manual, automatic and microcomputer control, and customized software for specific applications. According to Fraunhofer's estimation, more than 2billion commercial products in the world currently use Fraunhofer's MP3, AAC and other media technologies. Fraunhofer IIS is a branch of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, which is headquartered in Munich. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is the largest applied research institution in Europe, and part of its research funding comes from the German government. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is composed of 60 research institutes, covering a very wide range of research fields, and has 19000 employees worldwide. CTI Forum Report

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