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How to innovate packaging

Product packaging is not only the silent promoter of terminal sales, but also the first promoter of terminal sales. How is the product packaged? How to innovate brand

why should packaging innovation

product packaging innovation is certainly easy to bring sales to enterprises. However, when carrying out packaging design innovation, enterprises must not be on a whim, but should conduct extensive research on the market and competitive products in advance and have in-depth insight into consumers

since Valentine's Day 2004, xinxiangyin has launched a series of new products of Jimi series, which has been a hit. Since then, the combination of comics and paper towels has become a fashion

in many wedding banquets, cigarettes are taken out of 20 cigarette packs and placed on a small plate covered with red paper. Wedding organizers often need to buy a lot of conventional cigarettes in strips, and then unpack them in large cartons one by one, and then unpack them in small cigarette packs one by one. It takes a lot of effort, and so much packaging is also a great waste

have tobacco manufacturers ever thought about developing a special cigarette for wedding venues? Put cigarettes in a large red plastic sealed bottle, and 800 cigarettes in one bottle, which not only has a festive atmosphere, but also conforms to the auspicious number of eight in the eyes of the Chinese people. Buying a large bottle can basically meet the needs of the general wedding banquet of about 20 tables

innovative packaging is not only good-looking, but also has the function of expanding channels. Sichuan pickled mustard packaged in large jars and baskets can only be sold in mainland pickle shops; After changing to a small jar, it can be sold to Hong Kong; The pickled mustard can be sold abroad after being packaged in vacuum bags in the form of pieces, slices and silk. The innovation of packaging materials, the improvement of fresh-keeping function, quality assurance function and transportation convenience have repeatedly provided new opportunities for commodities to explore the market. In foreign countries, there is a kind of display paper frame connected with the mirror frame with rope, which solves the problem that sunglasses are easy to be stolen in supermarkets, so that sunglasses manufacturers can safely use the supermarket as a channel for sales

how to carry out packaging innovation

the author believes that the packaging innovation of products can be considered from the following aspects

integrate cultural elements and fully show the brand connotation. Culture has a long history, and it is the eternal vitality of the brand. Integrating culture into the brand and displaying it on the terminal is an excellent way to show the brand connotation and improve the brand reputation. Therefore, if cultural elements are embodied in the packaging, the product will have a thick cultural heritage, and this product will also stand the chewing of time

optimize graphic design and skillfully use color costumes. The graphic design and color matching of product packaging are the pioneers to obtain the attention of consumers. With exquisite graphic design, harmonious color matching and pleasing product packaging, it is bound to be the first to leap into the eyes of consumers

innovative packaging forms to meet different uses. Packaging has many functions, such as protecting products and facilitating storage and transportation; Attract attention and promote sales; Convenient to purchase and carry; Enhance brand value, etc. Well designed packaging can create more use value for consumers and more sales and profits for producers

provide necessary information and improve the brand level. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery. The key to packaging is to go deep into the core of the product and put the product culture and name associated with the brand into the upper and lower jaw seats to activate a series of elements such as scale, pattern, text, color, material and shape. Among them, the provision and performance of product information is very important, and the packaging information must be consistent with the product information. The design performance of brand name, logo and other information should reflect the brand personality and differences as much as possible

nowadays, the function of product packaging is not just simple and convenient to carry. Good product packaging can protect product attributes, quickly identify brands, convey brand connotation and improve brand image. The words, images and colors of these packages can play a propaganda effect and promote sales

the shoe box of Taiwan Elle women's shoes with the corresponding strength measuring plate is not the commonly seen two-piece paper box with a cover, nor the one-piece flip box, but the drawer type, which is not only convenient for displaying and taking women's shoes in exclusive stores, but also more practical and environmental friendly. The general shoe box is easily thrown away after you buy it back, and after you buy it back, consumers generally do not throw it away, because it is very practical to stack these boxes, It's a great storage box. When you want to wear shoes, you don't have to take down and look through the shoeboxes one by one. With a gentle pull, you can easily take out the basic situation investigation of China's lithium battery industry organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Even if it is not used as a shoe box, it can also be used as a storage box for other items

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