How to insert alignment binding

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How to insert alignment binding

the movable feeder allows the system to adapt to the product

stltchmasterst400 saddle binding machine has groundbreaking advantages as the first saddle binding machine in the production of industrial documents, and it can adapt to production by itself. Preset with automatic format setting, mobile feeders can be installed on both sides of the acquisition chain, and each feeder is equipped with an independent servo driver, which ensures the highest flexibility for all printing quantities. They can even handle applications with frequent format changes. Furthermore, st400 can be connected, so it can be integrated into the digital workflow of the printing process. With the performance of 14000 cycles per hour, it can even produce large operation lengths with the expected high quality

can bus connects up to 30 feeder controllers

this new saddle binding machine requires specially customized control technology in order to quickly and confidently locate Baiji in the market. In order to meet this requirement, Heidelberg completed a thorough market analysis and provided B & R to make a decision. In particular, B & R's wide range of products include controllers, industrial PCs, driver technology, displays and software, which can well adapt to the working technical specifications of their machine concepts

all software of B & R is developed together with Heidelberg. Cooperation and exchange of ideas run through the whole process, which greatly helps us to come up with groundbreaking solutions. Control concept of st400d: as the main component, the central can bus is connected to the controller of the binding machine, and up to 30 feeder controllers can be connected. In the binding machine and each feeder, the independent can bus handles the communication between the feeder controller and other components such as servo driver, local operation station and variable speed driver. The virtual axis position is sent to the feeder controller with a broadcast signal every 3MS through the central can bus. Then they calculate the setting position of the cam profiling function and transmit it to the servo driver. At the same time, a complex protocol system ensures that all other technical data are transmitted through the same bus. For example, this can be achieved by stopping the feeding of the next feeder once a wrong page is detected. This is completely new in the market

the characteristic of deterministic multitasking system, which is also used in all systems, provides an answer to solve these complex tasks

use optional functions to develop all programs in high-level C language. This is a decisive advantage for short-term development with complex technical specifications

reliable quality control with remote diagnosis

for Heidelberg, B & R is the right partner, even for the design of operating devices. The arbitration thickness of Hai I and II samples is 4mm, and the user interface is independently developed by Debao company according to the standard operating system. The development of industrial PC and customized products of B & R company (B & R) can fully meet the high requirements of Heidelberg company's design * good is to switch stress velocity to strain velocity at the end of elastic section. St400 uses a 10.4 "color touch screen display with a membrane keyboard to operate, so it is easy to preset the format. The powerpanel on each device allows the machine to be operated from almost anywhere. Error messages are displayed in concise text. This ensures product reliability and monitoring of the functional quality of all machines, including feeding, collection, binding and cutting. With an internal modem, remote diagnosis is possible not only for PC resources, but also for all stations connected through CAN bus with the help of B & rpvl tool. This solution has minimized machine downtime

flexibility and short preparation time mean customer satisfaction

in February 2003, the 100th set of st400 saddle stapler was sent to buchstra Cruz dunnau company in Austria. Company manager Christine Schwartz fox summarized the reasons for choosing the st400 from the user's point of view: we chose to buy the st400 based on the flexibility of the equipment and short preparation time. With this saddle stapler, the cutting sequence is technically strengthened. The main functions of my spring torque testing machine are to change the torque and the angle into digital display. The angle measurement adopts the angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder), which can automatically correct the angular displacement of the torque sensor. The machine also has the functions of peak value maintenance, overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing, data query, manual loading, left and right rotation, random selection, compact structure, simple operation, fast detection speed When measuring, place the test piece vertically on the torque disc, which is convenient for clamping. People also expect to increase the output, because this machine is much faster than the old saddle stapler. The automatic setting program with independent servo motor does reduce the preparation time by 50%

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