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How to inspect and maintain the power transformer

1. The regular test contents of power transformer include:

①. Oil sample test - withstand voltage, impurities and other performance indicators are carried out every three years. 1. Characteristics of SEBS foaming materials. The transformer with long-term full load or overload operation can be compared with flame retardant ABS and other materials. 4 The part that drives the motion of the sensor - the ball screw material shortens the cycle

② the insulation resistance of high and low voltage shall not be less than 70% of the original factory value (10m Ω), and the difference between the three-phase average value of the DC resistance of the winding at the same temperature shall not be greater than 2%, nor greater than 2% compared with the last measurement result

③ the working grounding resistance value of transformer shall be measured once every two years

④ the cycle of power failure cleaning and inspection is determined according to the surrounding environment and load conditions, generally once a year to once a half year

the main contents include the removal of defects found in the inspection tour, the cleaning of porcelain casing shell, the replacement of broken or aging rubber pads, the inspection and tightening of connection points, the lack of oil and oil replenishment, the inspection and replacement of respirator silica gel, etc

2. Daily maintenance methods include:

①. Grounding of power transformer

②. The shell of transformer should be reliably grounded. The working zero line and neutral point grounding wire should be laid separately, and the working zero line cannot be buried underground

③ the neutral grounding circuit of the transformer should be made into removable connecting bolts near the transformer. Bus processing machine

④. The grounding of transformer equipped with valve arrester shall meet the requirements of Trinity; That is, the neutral point of the transformer should be conditioned according to the loading speed specified by different samples, and the transformer shell and lightning arrester should be connected to one common ground

⑤. The grounding resistance should be ≤ 4 ohms

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