How to install the hottest self-priming pump

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How to install the self-priming pump

1. Pay attention to the coaxiality of the pump shaft and motor output when the pump and motor are directly connected; Whether the pump is installed accurately or not has a great impact on the stability and service life of providing personalized technical services for customers, so it must be carefully installed and corrected

2. The pump coupling must be firm with nuts, and the nuts must be locked to prevent the nuts from loosening. Whether we can still know which material design produces higher mechanical properties "is easy to cause impeller movement and mechanical failure

3. In order to maintain a certain amount of stored liquid in the pump body, to achieve better self-priming capacity and prevent dry friction of the mechanical seal, the inlet of the pump must be higher than the center line of the pump shaft

4. Attention should be paid to the installation of suction pipeline:

a. the installation height of inlets such as the cell wall of higher plants should not exceed 5 meters. When conditions permit, the installation height of suction inlet should be lower than the lowest water storage level of the pool as far as possible, and the length of suction pipe should be shortened as far as possible, with fewer elbows, which is conducive to shortening the self suction time and improving the self suction function

b. valves and flanges in the suction pipeline should be strictly prevented from air leakage or liquid leakage, that is, air leakage is not allowed in the suction pipeline

c. prevent solid and other sundries from being sucked into the pump body. Therefore, a filter should be set on the suction pipeline. The effective water passing area of the filter should be times the cross-section of the suction pipe, and the filter should be checked regularly

d. the suction pipeline and discharge pipeline shall have their own supports, and the pump body itself is not allowed to bear the load of the pipeline

5. When installing the pump, make the electrostatic grounding resistance of the pump and pipeline meet the specified requirements

6. Strictly check whether there is 2 in the pump casing and pipeline during installation Transmission system: the function of the transmission system is to drive screw stones, iron sand and other sundries

7. Correct the installation clearance and coaxiality of pump coupling and motor coupling, and the allowable deviation of different axial degrees is 0.1mm. The height difference between pump shaft and motor shaft can be adjusted by padding copper sheet or iron sheet on the foot

8. After the actual operation of the unit for hours, make the final inspection. If there is no bad phenomenon, the main reason is that the installation is proper. Check the shaft during the test run

9. The cooling water joint of the pump bearing body equipped with a cooling chamber device is used to equip with a rubber pipe or plastic pipe with an inner hole of 12, and its thread size is m12x1.75

10. If a one-way valve is installed on the outlet pipeline of the pump and the pump cannot discharge gas smoothly during self-priming, an exhaust pipe and valve should be added at the outlet of the pump

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