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How to install the equipment of aerated block production line

in the construction market, aerated blocks and other emerging building materials have become the main force of the market, gradually replacing the traditional building materials with high consumption and low performance. Therefore, in recent years, more and more enterprises have invested in the aerated block production line. In order to get twice the result with half the effort when the enterprise is put into production, reduce expenses and ensure safety, Zheng pot container, an efficient and energy-saving autoclave manufacturer, gives the following installation suggestions:

installation of autoclave cover:

the autoclave swing device should be installed before installation, but the autoclave flange should be pre deformed before installation, That is, connect the support plate with the kettle flange with bolts, check and adjust the verticality of the vertical shaft, and install other parts after pre deformation

blowdown device and re list the installation of the mark of A.B.C mound:

blowdown device is of great significance to the safe use of autoclave. Therefore, Zheng pot container recommends that you configure and install it in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawing during installation and commissioning, and do not operate indiscriminately, resulting in the abnormal use of the equipment

installation of sealing ring:

(1) pay attention to cleaning the inner wall of the sealing ring of the flange of the autoclave body and coating it with graphite powder. Before placing the sealing ring, check whether the surface is aging and whether the surface is flat. If aging occurs, replace it immediately

(2) if the surface is uneven, it should be treated by magic repair and removed. Isak bengiyat, the founder of aripack, said: "Consumers are increasingly thinking about the impact of packaging on the environment and deburring. If two sealing rings are installed in the same slot, they should pay attention to the installation sequence.

installation of cutting machine:

carefully check the performance of the equipment to ensure the integrity of all parts. Check the tightness of the power knife switch, saw blade, saw blade shield or safety baffle in detail. The operating table must be stable, and check whether the power supply is connected with the electric power The conventional rated 220VA voltage on the appliance is consistent, so as to avoid being wrongly connected to the 380va power supply

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