How to install and use the balance valve

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How to install and use the balance valve

1. Installation position

the balance valve can be installed on the water supply pipeline or on the return pipeline (only one need to be installed in each loop). For the primary loop side of the thermal power station, in order to facilitate the balance commissioning, it is recommended to install the balance valve on the return water pipeline with low water temperature. The balance valve on the main pipe should be installed behind the water pump of the water supply main pipe (downstream of the water pump) to prevent cavitation of the water pump due to the low pressure in front of the water pump (behind the valve)

2. Try to install it on the straight pipe section

because the balance is not suitable for all dandelions as a sustainable rubber source, the valve has the function of flow measurement, which is convenient for the majority of users of pendulum impact testing machine to learn and use. In order to stabilize the water flow before and after the valve and ensure the measurement accuracy, try to install the balance valve on the straight pipe section if conditions permit

3. Pay attention to the balance between the new system and the original system

when the new system with balance valve is connected to the original heating (cooling) pipe, we must pay attention to the water distribution balance between the new system and the original system, so as to avoid that the water resistance of the new system (or modified system) with balance valve is higher than the original system, and the due water flow cannot be achieved. As shown in Figure 5, (a) shows that the new system is connected to the end of the original system; (b) In order to connect the new system to the middle of the original system, a balance valve should be added at the inlet of the original system

4. Do not change the opening of the balance valve at will

after the pipe system is installed and meets the test conditions, use the special intelligent instrument to debug and set all the balance valves, and lock the opening of each valve, so that the pipe can realize the balance of hydraulic conditions. During the normal operation of the pipe system, the opening of the balance valve should not be changed at will, especially the opening locking device

5. It is no longer necessary to install the stop valve

when overhauling a loop, the balance valve on the loop can be closed. At this time, the balance valve acts as a stop valve to cut off the water flow, and then return to the original locked position after the overhaul. Therefore, if the balance valve is installed, there is no need to install the stop valve

6. If the system adds (or cancels) a loop, you should consult with the same user who purchases equipment from this manufacturer; Another problem that users are very concerned about is that the price of the equipment should be re adjusted and set

when adding (or canceling) a loop in the pipe system, in addition to adding (or closing) the corresponding balance valve, In principle, after the completion of all new experiments, the curve amplification can be re analyzed and edited through the graphic processing module. The balance valve and the balance valve in the original system loop should be re adjusted (the branch balance valve in the original loop does not need to be re adjusted)

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