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How to install the electric vehicle charging pile? Introduction to the installation of electric vehicle charging piles

Guide: how to install electric vehicle charging piles? Introduction to the installation of electric vehicle charging piles

it is no stranger to mention the charging piles of new energy vehicles. Now more and more friends are buying cars with good thermal insulation performance made of phenolic panels made in foreign countries. Our government has also been working hard on the construction of some new energy vehicle infrastructure, such as charging piles or charging stations of new energy vehicles. How to install the electric vehicle charging pile? Let's introduce it to you

introduction to the installation of electric vehicle charging pile: confirmation of charging conditions

1. After the user signs a vehicle purchase intention agreement with the automobile factory or, handle the confirmation procedures of vehicle purchase charging conditions. At this time, the materials to be provided include: 1) vehicle purchase intention agreement; 2) Identification of the applicant; 3) Certificate of fixed parking space property right or use right; 4) Application for installing electric vehicle charging equipment in the parking space (the property agrees with the seal); 5) Parking space (garage) plan (or site environment photos). 2. After accepting the user's application, the automobile manufacturer or 4S store will go to the site to investigate the feasibility of electricity use and construction together with the power supply company at the agreed survey time after verifying the authenticity and integrity of the user's data. 3. The power supply company is responsible for confirming the power supply conditions of users and completing the preparation of the preliminary feasibility plan for self use charging facilities. 4. The automobile manufacturer or 4S store is responsible for confirming the construction feasibility of charging facilities, and will issue the confirmation of charging conditions for new energy passenger cars within 7 working days together with the power supply company

introduction to the installation of electric vehicle charging pile: note

it should be noted that the community neighborhood committee, property management company and fire department coordinate the universal laboratory machine of wood-based panel, which is widely used in wood deep processing industry and wood-based panel production companies, which is the most laborious. Their questions focus on several aspects: will the charging voltage be higher and the current stronger than the residential electricity, which will have an impact on the residential electricity consumption and affect the normal life of residents? In fact, it won't. the charging pile has avoided some potential safety hazards at the beginning of design. The property department is worried about inconvenient management, while the fire department is afraid of safety accidents

if the problem of early coordination can be successfully solved, the installation of charging piles will be basically completed by 80%. If the installation is free in the 4S store, you will not be involved in the cost. If it is installed at their own expense, the costs involved mainly come from three aspects: first, the power distribution room needs to be heavy. Many manufacturers have new power distribution when purchasing tensile testing machines. The DC charging pile is generally 380 volts. Such a high voltage must be powered separately, that is, another switch is arranged. The costs involved in this part depend on the actual situation. Second, the power company pulls the wire from the switch to the charging pile for about 200 meters, and the construction cost and the cost of hardware facilities of the charging pile are borne by the power company. Finally, we have to pay the management fees to the property management company, depending on the situation of each community

Introduction to the installation of electric vehicle charging pile: after the installation

determines the construction scheme, it is time for the installation and construction. According to the different conditions of each community and the location of the garage, the construction time is also different. Green chemistry is guiding the development and progress of the next generation of materials, products and processes. Some require only 2 hours, and some may require a whole day to complete the construction. In this step, some owners like to stare at the site, and their experience is really unnecessary. Unless the workers are particularly unreliable, or the owners themselves have certain technical knowledge, the owners are also thankless at the construction site. In this step, the owner should first arrive at the site and communicate with the property, realize the connection between the property and workers, check the cables used by workers, whether the cable label and quality meet the requirements, and write down the numbers on the cables. After the construction is completed, drive the electric vehicle to the site, actually check whether the charging pile can be used normally, and then visually check the number of meters of the construction, check the number on the cable, and compare the cable usage with the visual distance. If there is no big gap, you can pay the installation cost

after reading the introduction, do you feel that you are qualified to install a new energy vehicle charging pile? Of course, this process will be very troublesome, and we will also spend a certain amount of money. Conditional families can install one. Well, about how to install the charging pile of electric vehicles, let's stop here. For more information on new energy vehicles, let's pay attention to Pacific cars

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