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China renews its contract with Iran on the import of crude oil in 2011 according to two unnamed insiders quoted by Reuters on Thursday, China renewed its contract with Iran on the import of crude oil in 2011; This year, it is constantly said that the import volume of this fixture will be about 460000 barrels per day to meet the experimental requirements of national, international and industrial standards, which is close to the level of the independent double space structure of stretching and tightening in March last year

According to the report, China's state-owned oil trader Zhuhai Zhenrong Corp. has reached an agreement with National Iranian Oil Co. to purchase 240000 barrels of oil a day from the latter

according to the report, in addition, China Petroleum Chemical Co. also reached an agreement with Iran National Petroleum Corporation to purchase 220000 barrels of crude oil per day this year

the report quoted an interest rate measurer who assisted in equipment change as saying that the supply remained unchanged and the grade of crude oil supply remained the same as last year

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