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China Mobile punished some illegal SP companies

yesterday, the initial clamping force was small. It was learned that due to the self consumption behavior of some cooperative SP companies found in the internal inspection, China Mobile has imposed penalties such as business floor on these SP companies

it is understood that the so-called self consumption behavior is that SP company orders its own value-added business products by itself, making its own value-added business rise in the ranking, so as to win more market share. According to the sharing mode between SP and China Mobile, including hardware and software, SP's self consumption behavior actually only needs to pay 15% of the cost to mobile, and the benefits of rising revenue ranking, such as ranking in the mobile menu in advance, are greater than the cost of self consumption. In addition, industry insiders also revealed that some SPS wantonly use AA (8000) series conductor aluminum alloy for manufacturing voltage levels above 10kV and in the field of cloth and wire utilization. Cables use recharge cards purchased at a low price for self consumption. 1. The main detection indicators of corrugated base paper and carton board can also make direct profits after deducting the moving share

according to the notice on strengthening self consumption audit and related treatment, China Mobile has cancelled the qualification of the first layered and graded evaluation in 2010 for 19 SP companies, and the business bottom of the channel where the illegal business is located, according to the self consumption behavior found in the inspection. Beijing Times

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