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China Mobile has built the world's largest 100g network

China Mobile's 100g centralized purchase, which has attracted much attention and was once stopped, was reopened recently. The communication industry daily () learned that China Mobile had issued a 100g centralized purchase bid to Huawei, Shangbei, ZTE, Fiberhome and NOSi on the 12th. A manufacturer who had just received the bid said excitedly: This is the world's largest 100g order at present, It will really open the commercial era of 100g

it is understood that China Mobile has an amazing number of 100g centralized procurement this time. Press the "start" button to start the procurement of 1500 100g boards and cards, and build the trunk line from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, with a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan

according to ovum data, Alcatel Lucent's global 100g shipments ranked first in the first quarter of this year, accounting for 69% of the share. From its first shipment in 2010 to the first quarter of this year, the cumulative shipments reached 1500 100g boards, equivalent to the number of China Mobile's centralized purchase

in other words, China Mobile's one-time centralized purchase volume exceeds 70% of the global total of overseas operators in two years, becoming the world's largest 100g market. The game has just begun. Insiders of China Mobile revealed that China Mobile will launch 100g centralized purchase again at the end of 2013, covering developed regions such as East China and coastal areas, doubling the scale to 3000 boards, and increasing the network capacity by more than 4 times; In 2015, the scale of 100g doubled again, and more than 6000 boards were purchased

China Mobile has opened the golden decade of 100g in the future. The above-mentioned people said that this will definitely determine the industrial pattern and Jianghu status of 100g

the good play has just begun

the driving force for China Mobile to make a big bet undoubtedly comes from the upcoming construction of TD-LTE and its confidence in the high cost performance of 100g

the maximum annual growth rate of China Mobile backbone capacity is as high as 50% - 60%, that is, it will increase 10 times in five years. A Chinese mobile source told: moreover, the traffic growth rate of mobile Internet is higher, and even has caused network congestion. Only 100g can load this flow pressure

according to the plan released at the beginning of the year, China Mobile will build 20000 TD-LTE base stations by the end of the year, and the number will reach 200000 by next year to carry out commercial services across the country. While hoping to win the market with TD-LTE high-speed service, China Mobile also clearly realized that the lack of backbone would cause constraints, and 100g, which is gradually forming a scale, came into sight

at the beginning of this year, China Mobile convened the above five major equipment manufacturers to start 100g laboratory testing. After taking several months to reach a basically mature conclusion, China Mobile immediately launched the current pilot in the Hangzhou Fuzhou section. In August, Huang Xiaoqing, President of China Mobile Research Institute, concluded that China Mobile can skip 40g and launch 100g directly. Since then, the industrial chain has received a clear signal

from August to October, the voice around 100g became stronger and stronger, and manufacturers also frequently appeared on various occasions. Finally, in early November, China Mobile released the "China Mobile 2013 OTN transmission equipment centralized procurement bidding announcement". The announcement clarified the scale and construction plan of the first backbone 100g bidding

however, the bidding was suspended unexpectedly in early December. An anonymous person revealed that after submitting the bid on November 15, several major manufacturers used a large number of 3D printed parts on the interior of the beautiful fractal concept car... On the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, and even made extraordinary things. For this reason, the group temporarily suspended the bidding

on December 12, 100g was reopened, and China Mobile did not change the construction scale and plan, including the capacity expansion plan for the next few years. People in the first industry said: the model of 100g is MWW ⑴ 0e The golden period has come and will last for about 10 years

cost reduction has become the top priority of the industry.

since this year, China Mobile has expanded the pilot scale of TD-LTE, and deployed FTTx and WLAN networks in most provinces. The rapid growth of data traffic has reached its capacity limit. Although China Mobile lays a lot of optical fiber resources every year, due to the low utilization rate of optical fiber in the existing 10g system, the capacity growth rate is still inferior to the traffic. China Mobile urgently needs to improve fiber utilization to change this situation

compared with 10g and 40g, 100g can greatly improve the utilization rate of optical fiber and save optical fiber pipes; It is not limited by dispersion, and there is no need to build a large number of dispersion compensation stations; It also supports 3000 km relay free transmission to meet the transmission needs of Beijing and Hong Kong

more importantly, 100g has low delay characteristics. This is very important for LTE. According to a person from a manufacturer, the transmission basically meets the needs of high-end equipment and new generation information technology. The larger the delay, the lower the system throughput, which means the lower the spectral efficiency of the wireless air interface. In order to meet the demand of coverage capacity, it is required to add more wireless carrier frequencies to cover. Reducing transmission delay is to save money for wireless networks

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