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China has introduced European on-board intelligent transportation guidance. Agricultural grade polyglutamic acid, cosmetic grade polyglutamic acid and food grade polylysine have all been fully sold. Avionics technology

maybe next year, when you drive on the road in Beijing and listen to the radio, you can timely listen to the continuous traffic information flow, such as traffic congestion or accidents, and get dynamic route guidance, Plan the problems on the route and figure out an alternative route to avoid accidents. This is the effect of intelligent transportation navigation system. At present, Beijing is building an intelligent transportation navigation system in an all-round way, and has initially realized the infrastructure of intelligent transportation. In the future, having terminal navigation equipment for intelligent navigation processing is bound to become the mainstream of navigation equipment in Beijing

tmc is an application of FM radio frequency modulation system (RDS) in broadcasting real-time traffic and weather information. The data information is "silently" received and decoded by the on-board wireless receiving terminal or navigation equipment equipped with TMC, and transmitted to the driver in various ways. The most common one is TMC navigation system. At the end of last year, at the exchange and exhibition of China EU intelligent transportation technology demonstration project, six demonstration vehicles equipped with lanbao "dynamic transportation information system" attracted great interest from participating officials, experts and media. The guests took the demonstration car to conduct a live test on the road in Beijing. The lanbao navigator with intelligent navigation receiving function shows its good maneuverability in navigation. The data content provided by it can include radio type, program type, traffic announcement, advertising information, standard time, weather forecast, etc. at the same time, it provides an open data interface to provide data text application channels for users with special requirements

inexpensive mature technology

"trafficmessagechannel" is referred to as TMC, which is a mature vehicle intelligent traffic navigation technology in Europe. It can reflect the traffic conditions in the region in real time, guide the best and fastest driving route, and improve the use efficiency of roads and vehicles

compared with the medium wave, the main feature of urban traffic information broadcasting is to use the existing FM broadcasting resources and insert digital codes into the broadcasting signals. It only requires a small amount of investment, including a stream equipment equipped with a customized mixing head from henegie and a hybrid metering equipment from Klaus mafi, to build the broadcasting transmitter. It is separate from the audio signal and will not interfere with the radio at all, nor will it affect the sound quality of the radio. When the radio detects and demodulates these digital codes, it can provide corresponding functions

after about 20 years of development, TMC technology has matured, and related products have formed an industrial scale with annual sales of more than 10 billion euros in the world. As a wireless broadcast data system with low cost, mature technology and wide coverage, the market opportunities bred in it are immeasurable

Europe provides Beijing with samples from Jin min and Haixi Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

tmc technology originated in Europe and is also the most widely used in Europe. Since 1994, Sweden has implemented a nationwide RDS-TMC service. In 1995, Germany and the Netherlands, Paris, France in 1996, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and other countries also successively implemented rds-tms. At present, 18 countries in Europe have implemented the project. For the transportation system of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other mega cities, the implementation and promotion of this intelligent navigation technology will be of great significance

lanbao, a famous automotive electronics manufacturer under Bosch group, is one of the main sponsors of TMC and one of the main initiators of this program. Ms. Feng, navigation application manager of lanbao company, said that after more than ten years of system construction, TMC system has basically been popularized in Europe. At present, navigation instruments with TMC function in Europe have accounted for a large proportion, and navigation devices with TMC information receiving function have become the standard configuration of many original vehicles. In China, this project started last year, and Beijing has entered the stage of displaying actual products last year. At present, this system has already had a preliminary scale of use in Beijing. At present, it can basically realize real-time dynamic navigation in the area within the Fourth Ring Road of Beijing. TMC is not only a simple on-board device, but also needs a complete system of urban traffic information collection, sorting and re sending

in view of European experience and mature technology, the early investment cost of these product dynamic systems is not high. It is expected that before the 2008 Olympic Games, the processing range of dynamic navigation will be increased from within the current Fourth Ring Road to the entire urban and suburban Beijing. It is expected that TMC navigation instruments suitable for China will enter the Chinese consumer market this year

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