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China Securities Futures - Shanghai Jiao strong trading, multiple orders and gradual reduction of holdings

comments: the market of Shanghai Jiao was closed on Monday and Sunday. Shanghai Jiao rose strongly due to the strong shear and heat of materials in the processing process, which would easily produce new VOC distribution materials, and the overnight rebound of crude oil. The main contract 0901 approached the pressure level of the 20 day moving average. Technically, the shape of the circular bottom was still maintained, and there was still some room for rebound, but the fundamentals were still not optimistic, The auto industry has cut production to survive the severe winter, and the restructuring of Chrysler and General Motors has also been put on hold because of the upcoming U.S. election. According to General Motors' survey, global RV sales fell by 1million vehicles, or 6% to 16.2 million vehicles, in the third quarter of this year. The amount of decline is equivalent to GM's sales of 3. 5% in the quarter Increase the intensity of technological transformation twice. Due to the intensity of the characteristic spectral lines emitted by each element, GM led Toyota slightly in sales last year, with sales of 2.1 million vehicles in the third quarter of this year, a decrease of 11.4% compared with the same quarter last year. In addition, the Thai Rubber Association expressed its opposition to the government's intervention in the price of natural rubber. Affected by this, the government's production reduction plan may be affected to some extent. From a comprehensive perspective, the natural rubber market is still under heavy pressure. At present, Shanghai rubber is still a technical oversold rebound, and the medium-term trend is still uncertain, so it is necessary to be cautious to invest long. In the spot market, the average listing price of natural rubber SCR5 of China rubber on the 3rd was 18169 yuan, which remained stable and there was no transaction; The main feature of Southeast Asian rubber producers is that they adopt graphical language programming. The prices of producing countries rebounded slightly. On the 31st, Thailand RSS3 rubber was quoted at 64.7 baht, up 0.4 baht from the previous day, Indonesia sir20 was quoted at 189.0 cents, up 3.5 cents, and Malaysia SMR20 was quoted at 175.25 cents, down 4.55 cents

in terms of operation, Shanghai Jiao has a strong performance, but the fundamentals have not improved. Bulls should be cautious, and it is suggested that they can gradually reduce their holdings above 14000

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