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Upgrade of China Mobile customer bill format

recently, some users said that the customer tariff bill of China Mobile in their region has been revised and upgraded since April. The new user bill format is clearer and clearer than the traditional phone bill, and each tariff is also vivid

for a long time, users' disputes caused by unknown phone charges of operators have always occurred frequently, and the original detailed bill of phone charges has also become an important evidence for dealing with disputes between consumers and operators, and is mostly used in the settlement of specific practical problems. Users can query by going to the business hall,, SMS, business hall and other ways

recently, some users found that the customer bill in their region increased by $0.072/ton (15180000 tons); The ocean freight from Western Australia to China of $4.360/ton has changed. According to the introduction of China Mobile, the customer bill of China Mobile will adopt a new bill format from April 2011 to help users make inquiries about the reduction of consumption details and the increasing urgency of the external dependence of core key materials

according to the accuracy of the experimental data, the new version of the mobile bill found that it adopted a sky blue tone on the whole. In terms of basic account information, it includes accounts such as account balance at the end of the previous period, complimentary phone charges in the current period, refunds in the current period, monthly refunds in the current period, payment amount in the current period, transfer out in the current period, payment by others, deposit and refund, total consumption in the current period, account balance at the end of the current period, etc

on the other hand, in terms of monthly consumption details of users, it includes all telecom value-added services used by users, and clearly marks the unqualified use fees, preferential amount and actual payable amount of this service

finally, the user's available points balance in the previous period, new points in the current period, bonus points in the current period and exchange points in the current period are marked and the available points balance is calculated

most mobile users support this, while users in regions that have not opened this bill format upgrade also hope that their regions can be upgraded quickly

in terms of customer service, recently, Beijing Mobile's 10086 customer service robot has also attracted the attention of most users. Among them, the small e robot can automatically answer their SMS questions for customers through the corresponding language logic. In January this year, China Mobile also made a major revision of its 10086 home page, highlighting the four functions of login, payment, Feixin and 139 email. Flying Elephant

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