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China Mobile Huang Yuhong: promote 5g, spectrum first

Enter 2016, China Mobile 5g takes advantage of the colorful colors to explore the charm of nature, and then increase its R & D investment. Since 2012, under the guidance of imt-2020 promotion group, China Mobile formulated a 5g development plan for 2020 and began 5g R & D layout, China Mobile established a China Mobile 5g joint innovation center with a number of enterprises in February this year, focusing on basic communication capabilities, IOT, car Federation Carry out joint research and development and innovation of business applications and products in six major areas: Industrial interconnection, cloud robots, and virtual/augmented reality

5g research and development 2. According to the application status of machinery and the application of oil, it has entered the field measurement.

recently, at the 5g technology and testing seminar, Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said in an interview with communication world that great progress has been made in 5g research and development in 2016, whether in terms of demand, key technology research or standardization

while promoting 5g cooperation with leading enterprises and universities at home and abroad, China Mobile has started 5g technology testing and verification in stages: working together with the industrial chain, it has started testing and verification of large-scale antenna and other projects in Sichuan and other places in China; We will focus on the research and verification of full duplex technology with Huawei and Peking University, hoping to break through the bottleneck of full duplex in self interference deletion and interference elimination between multiple base stations in a group environment, and promote the full integration of FDD and TDD; Focus on the research and verification of user centered network architecture with Ericsson and Nokia, comprehensively improve the adaptive ability of 5g for flexible business and environment, ensure user experience and reduce the difficulty of network deployment; In conjunction with major universities and enterprises at home and abroad such as Beiyou, group experiments can also be stopped, and 5g channel model measurement and modeling can be actively carried out to explore new frequency bands above millimeter wave; It has carried out cooperative research and development of millimeter wave prototypes with ZTE, Datang, Chengdian and Harbin Institute of technology to explore breakthroughs in industrial bottlenecks

in addition, China Mobile also held leadership positions in future forum, GTI, ITU, IEEE and other organizations, and took the lead in publishing ITU 5g network technology standard proposal, future forum 5g overall and special white paper, next generation pre network interface (ngfi) white paper and GTI 5g spectrum white paper

5g defines the big connection, the interconnection of all things in the fields of environment, agriculture, industry and so on. Under this vision, we work with enterprises in various fields to actively promote 5g technologies and products, in order to layout 5g applications in advance. Huang Yuhong said

among them, for the narrow-band IOT NB IOT technology, China Mobile is promoting the IOT platform technology with large connection, low power consumption and low-cost sensors in the joint industrial chain. At present, the test projects it has invested include intelligent meter reading, industrial IOT environmental monitoring, etc., and it is planned to be put into commercial use in 2017

spectrum needs to be clarified.

combined with the fact that the whole industrial chain is working towards 5g, China Mobile has put forward several suggestions, especially emphasizing the importance of spectrum first. Huang Yuhong said that it is urgent to clarify China's 5g spectrum planning, especially the application of medium and low frequency bands, as soon as possible. Only by determining the spectrum as soon as possible can we guide the industrial focus. It is reported that at present, China has proposed some candidate frequency bands to the international standards organization, mainly in the medium and low frequency bands below 6GHz. In the view of domestic operators such as China Mobile, 5g spectrum should generally choose 1 degree, which is enough for ordinary enterprises to carry out material testing and research. It is a combination of high and low frequency bands, not just high frequency bands

China has shown some advantages in the initial stage of 5g, but there is a long way to go in the future, so China Mobile has also put forward suggestions on technology research and cross-border integration. In terms of key technology research, Huang Yuhong said that the industry should support key enterprises to form the accumulation of 5g advantageous technologies, verify the key technologies proposed by China through technical tests, affect the formulation of standards, and promote the formation of global unified standards; In view of the shortcomings of technology and industry, we should work together to make up for the weak links, and set up special funds to tackle the weak areas such as high-frequency devices and communication chips; In terms of cross-border integration, the domestic industry should encourage more vertical industries to participate as soon as possible, so as to better integrate 5g research and application with Internet +, made in China 2025; And open cooperation is the focus of 5g R & D. the industry should learn from the successful experience of 4G and participate in global competition and cooperation with an open and integrated attitude

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