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On September 27, an 11 meter diameter shield machine independently developed by China railway construction heavy industry group was shipped from Shanghai Zhanghuabang wharf via the Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean It is expected to arrive in Moscow in November to participate in the construction of the third transfer loop of Moscow metro. This is the largest diameter shield machine exported to Europe by China at present

with a total weight of 1700 tons, this 11 meter shield machine is a veritable underground giant, and was named "victory" by malat husnurin, deputy mayor of Moscow. The shield machine construction tunnel is located on the Bank of the Moscow River, with heavy ground traffic and dense buildings. It needs to be continuously excavated for 3000 meters. It crosses the Moscow River with a large-diameter section, and the minimum horizontal turning radius is only 400 meters

According to Chen Qingbin, engineer of the 11 meter large diameter shield machine exported to Russia, the minimum horizontal turning radius of the general large diameter shield machine is more than 500 meters. By adding articulation and overbreak functions to the main machine, supplemented by a floating support structure push system, the whole machine has a turning capacity of 300 meters. In view of the extremely cold climate in Moscow in winter, the shield machine adopts the cold proof design, and can normally drive in the low temperature environment of minus 30 ℃

in terms of geological adaptability design, the shield machine adopts a six spoke arm heavy-duty composite cutter head structure with higher strength and stiffness, and is equipped with a 19 inch large-diameter heavy-duty hob, which can cope with composite strata such as rock strata and pebbles above 120 MPa. The R & D team also specially designed a high pressure seal with a pressure bearing capacity of 60 meters of water head, which can effectively deal with the tunneling challenges of complex strata. By carrying an efficient tool change system, it can improve the efficiency of construction operations and reduce the intensity of tool change operations

the shield machine passed the acceptance in the factory

as early as 2017, five shield machines with a diameter of 6 meters independently developed by China were exported to Europe and participated in the construction of the Southwest Ring Road Project of Moscow metro. Last winter, they drove 35 meters per day in the extremely cold environment of Moscow, setting a record for the highest daily footage of subway construction in Russia

it is reported that the owner of Moscow Metro added a purchase order for this 11 meter large diameter shield machine at the beginning of this year due to the excellent performance of five 6 meter diameter shield machines in the construction of Moscow metro. Moscow 3 The construction of the third transfer loop of lubricant long-term wear resistance test railway will connect all the subway lines that have been built and to be built in Moscow. After completion and opening to traffic, it can effectively reduce the transportation load of Moscow subway loop

it can be used for 20000 km 4-lane highway

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