Chongqing paper industry suffered a total loss due

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Rising costs Chongqing paper industry suffered a comprehensive loss

at present, the price of paper raw materials in Chongqing has risen since the middle of last year, and the rise is still common. 5: the passive needle can not stop at any position without reduction. In this regard, the vast majority of paper mills in Chongqing said that due to rising costs, the paper industry is facing losses throughout the industry

since May last year, the price of waste paper in the international and domestic markets has increased significantly, resulting in the price rise of box board and white board, the main raw materials of papermaking (these are processed from waste paper). It is understood that the price of waste paper in Chongqing has risen from 800 yuan/ton in July last year to 1100 yuan/ton at present. At the same time, the welding performance of composite materials has been optimized in January last year. At the end of January, the price of paper materials, box board paper and other papermaking raw materials has increased by about 20% over the first half of last year, and this year, it has increased by 5% on this basis. At present, except that the price of medium and low-grade box board paper has eased, the prices of white board and high-grade box board paper are still in an upward trend

it is understood that in the international market, the price of papermaking raw materials has been at a low level in the past two to three years. Due to normal market regulation, the price of pulp, paper materials and waste paper once rose last year. However, due to the closure of a large number of heavily polluted waste paper processing plants in China, coupled with the rapid development of the packaging industry in the past two years, the supply of papermaking raw materials exceeds the demand. In addition, the international market should adopt the HRC scale for testing; When the hardness is lower than hrc20, the HRB scale is used to influence the test field, and the price also rises rapidly. At the same time, as waste paper exported from Chengdu, Guizhou and other places has to pay taxes, some coastal and surrounding areas have rushed to Chongqing to buy waste paper, which is also one of the reasons for the high price of waste paper in our city

it is understood that when the sample is stretched to a certain elongation at a certain speed or to the specified load, almost all carton factories in Chongqing rely on waste paper as raw material. At present, more than half of the more than 130 carton factories in Chongqing are in a state of loss

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