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Pharmaceutical packaging machinery: entering the critical period, we should take the road of intelligent high-end

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the goal of the pharmaceutical machinery industry is that the key mainstream products should be intelligent, and Jinan LANBO is a manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic tensile testing machines. In particular, it is necessary to realize local and remote intelligent control. In recent years, with the fierce market competition and the implementation of the new version of GMP, the intellectualization of pharmaceutical machinery has become a necessity to meet the needs of today's social engineering construction. As a category of pharmaceutical machinery industry, pharmaceutical packaging machinery also needs to develop in the direction of intelligence

from the perspective of existing technology level, due to the late start of China's packaging machinery industry and the lack of good processing technology and supporting industry support, China has been following the way of imitating foreign advanced equipment, lacking impact testing machines and independent innovation. Many domestic enterprises still use foreign relatively backward technology for the equipment produced

take the hose filling machine of pharmaceutical products as an example, the equipment of many domestic packaging machinery manufacturers is modeled on the medium and low-speed equipment of kalix in Sweden, and it is almost the same as kalix's equipment in terms of structural framework, filling method and configuration. Under the same use conditions, although it can meet the normal production needs, there is still a significant gap with foreign equipment in terms of accuracy, quality and stability

from the perspective of equipment manufacturing, the processing and manufacturing accuracy of packaging machinery in China is not high, and the appearance design is not beautiful enough. This is manifested in two aspects: on the one hand, the processing accuracy of the equipment is not enough, on the other hand, the processing technology and level are uneven

in the face of adverse factors, the most urgent thing is to change the development mode of enterprises in the packaging machinery industry. Enterprises should stand at a new starting point to examine and solve the above contradictions and problems, change the development concept, strengthen independent innovation, enhance market awareness, and vigorously promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry

at present, the new trend is for enterprises to develop mechanical products and move towards intelligent high-end. China's manufacturing industry has reached an important juncture, and pharmaceutical packaging machinery has entered a critical period with the pharmaceutical machinery industry. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery should comply with the development of the general trend, independently develop intelligent and automated products, and pay attention to meeting the requirements of the new version of GMP

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