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Pharmaceutical packaging machine should create more legends in performance progress

because the whole packaging equipment industry in China started relatively late, and the packaging in medicine is 4. Quality, not to mention, there is a serious shortage of science and technology and talents, so it is difficult to meet the packaging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This is the early development status of pharmaceutical packaging machine. Looking back on the previous development process of domestic drug packaging machinery, I have a lot of feelings. At the beginning of the rapid rise of the drug packaging industry, manufacturers in our valley are difficult to keep up with the pace of development, because the independent production and R & D level of their own equipment is not enough, they can only watch the imported equipment win the recognition of domestic merchants again and again, but the domestic manufacturers are not waiting to die, They are also using their own efforts to survive and develop. In recent years, the pharmaceutical packaging machinery has made great progress, and the great improvement in performance has made the enterprise pressure sensors collect signals. They are looking forward to the future development. At the same time, they have not ignored the previous experience and lessons. The success or failure in the development is a valuable experience for enterprises to operate equipment. As the saying goes, customers are God. Users stimulate the transformation of the market, and the packaging needs of drug manufacturers also promote the continuous progress of drug packaging machinery. Now it has occupied a certain position in the domestic industry under the market hegemony of imported equipment. If you want to consolidate your position, simple automation and stability are not enough. Enterprises also need to try their own development, not only for the longer term. Nowadays, the fierce market competition is not only in the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry, but also in other food industries, daily chemical industries, and so on. The needs of these enterprises are changing. The equipment they need has gradually evolved from one of the characteristics of spring tension and compression testing machines to dozens or even hundreds of pieces. In the eyes of the pharmaceutical industry, it is the driving force for our enterprises to strive to develop the packaging performance of equipment. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, the development of a certain distinction between the screen display model of drug packaging machinery and the previous model is bound to be booming. The experience of pursuing the enterprise's own value also highlights the status of drug packaging machinery, and the development of the enterprise has been blowing a good sleep. In the future, domestic enterprises should go hand in hand and try their best to win their own development in the market. With the rapid development and expansion of China's economy, all kinds of commodities are growing rapidly. However, the pharmaceutical packaging machine is mainly used to package all kinds of pharmaceutical products. The magical development of performance and the rapid development of market position make it have its own development space. In the future, we will wait and see whether the pharmaceutical packaging machine can create more legends in terms of performance progress

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