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The world pharmaceutical packaging market

medicine is a necessity of life, and pharmaceutical packaging has always been a major part of the packaging industry. According to a survey conducted by American industrial market research company Freedonia Group Inc, by 2003, the demand for basic packaging of pharmaceutical products in the world will increase by 4.2%, reaching US $11.2 billion. In terms of figures, this growth rate is slightly lower than the 4.9% during 1989-98; However, to show that we are healthier than before

among many packaging containers, the development of blister packaging is the most potential. The advantages of blister packaging are strong barrier, beautiful appearance, long shelf life, easy to use, etc. The world pharmaceutical industry advocates the use of high transparency packaging and fixed dose drugs. Blister packaging has these advantages. Perfect pharmaceutical packaging design can reduce taking errors, so the blister packaging designed with quantitative dispensing is an ideal choice

in addition, plastic bottles are still the most widely used containers, especially in Latin America, Eastern Europe and the developing Asia Pacific region, which have seen higher than the level of growth. Coupled with its high cost-effectiveness and wide range of uses (including oral liquids and other liquid drugs), its adoption will be higher. According to the survey, the annual demand for this kind of packaging container plastic for pharmaceutical products will increase by 4.4% in 2003. One reason is that the pharmaceutical industry in countries such as antibacterial plastics, antibacterial fibers and fabrics, antibacterial ceramics, antibacterial metal materials, Brazil and other large developing countries is slowly developing. For these markets, cost is still the main factor affecting the choice of packaging by end users. In addition, with the vigorous development of proprietary drugs and specialty drugs in the world market, the demand for plastic bottles has also increased significantly

in terms of packaging materials, paper, paperboard, plastic resin and aluminum foil are still excellent packaging materials because of their wide range of applications and good processing performance. It is predicted that paper, cardboard and plastic tensile testing machines are used to test different products with different tensile forces. Why do we use different tensile forces In fact, many customers think so. My product only needs 5kg pull force, but I want to achieve 200kg pull force, which is easy to increase. I can also use more force in the future. If I just buy the current purchasing capacity, if I want to have products that exceed this pull force at that time, I can't use it. Why don't I buy a larger capacity! It's wrong for customers to think so. If the capacity you choose is too large, the test results will be inaccurate at that time, which will affect the test results. Therefore, if the product capacity you test is not large, you don't need to choose too large capacity The three materials of glue and resin will account for 95% of the world's pharmaceutical packaging, and paper and paperboard are the most widely used materials

in addition, the survey also said that in this century, the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France and Italy are the world's largest pharmaceutical packaging markets. In view of the fact that multinational medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers have strengthened their investment in the Chinese medical and pharmaceutical market, China will be the fastest-growing market for the basic packaging of yunyun pharmaceutical products in the next few years

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