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Noteworthy problems in the theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products and health care products (Part 2)

here, we need to clarify a concept: is the theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products the same as the so-called product selling points? We believe that there are considerable differences between the two

the selling point of the product is single and concise, and the theoretical packaging of the product is systematic and in-depth; The right selling point of pharmaceutical products should be the accumulation of theoretical packaging of their products, which should not be left alone. Theoretical packaging contains the selling points of products, but the selling points of products cannot replace theoretical packaging

for example, when we planned the concentrated mother liquor of Golden Lily in the previous paragraph, we designed a theoretical package for it to "eliminate lung smoke poison", which was very popular in the market. If "eliminating lung smoke poison" is regarded as the selling point of the product, although it is somewhat reluctantly, it is not impossible. The key is that we must put forward a complete and scientific theory of why Golden Lily can eliminate lung smoke poison, which can not be answered or replaced by product selling points. Therefore, we cannot simply replace the theoretical packaging of products with selling points, especially pharmaceutical products and health care products with extremely high requirements for scientificity and rigor

at the same time, we must note that the theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products is not simply to resume the existing medical principles and product functions, but to track the latest trends and trends in the development of medicine in the world. By grafting the most advanced medical theories and life science theories, we can produce a new theoretical system that conforms to the characteristics of this product, so as to complete the theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products and health care products in a comprehensive sense, Make the product leap to a higher level or leading position. This kind of planning with high requirements for professionalism, science and skill is by no means an unexpected and inspirational selling point that can be thought of, replaced and completed. This is also the unique law of marketing planning of pharmaceutical products and health products

deepening of theoretical packaging of products

the theoretical packaging law of pharmaceutical products and health care products was first put forward when I published the research and case analysis on the successful marketing law of Chinese pharmaceutical products and health care products in 1997. After a lapse of five years, I found that almost all medicines and health products have noticed this in their publicity. What "factors", what "nuclear energy", what "bioengineering", and so on. It's used indiscriminately, and it's not smart. The fundamental reason for their ignorance is that they have simplified the complex problem of product theoretical packaging

in principle, theoretical packaging of products is always better than no packaging, but theoretical packaging is not to bluff people with new concepts or simply deal with it, but to operate it as a system engineering. Especially in the operation of the concept, we must learn to combine what consumers know with what they understand and trust, and it is difficult to determine whether the fixture of the tensile testing machine is good or bad. In this way, the product theory can set off its due waves. Otherwise, what you provide or publicize is not a new theory or concept, but a stone thrown at consumers! As a businessman, if you hit "God" with a stone, how can the market result not be a mess

therefore, I thought of the deepening of product theory and systematic problems, and made a useful attempt in the marketing process of personally integrating shuanpuluo

shuanpuluo is a generic drug product of a company in Shenyang. At that time, I was in charge of improving work efficiency and planning marketing in this company. This is a GMP certified enterprise with a high starting point, but there are no new products. But the company and the team can't wait, so they have to take the lead in selling old drugs and new ones and marketing. Therefore, based on many years of planning and marketing experience, I led a group of people to start implementing relevant strategies step by step:

Step 1: brand the product as shuanpuluo, so as to get rid of the old color of generic drugs, and distance myself from the manufacturers who own this generic drug, creating conditions for advertising to enter the market

step 2: conduct a lot of market and scientific research to seek breakthroughs. Several materials obtained in the provincial library and the library of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University provide strong scientific research evidence for our implementation of the breakthrough

step 3: theoretical packaging of products. On the basis of dividing the function of the product into four aspects, according to the efficacy and characteristics of the product, the new theory and concept of "combined thrombolysis, unblocking blood vessels" are put forward for the first time

after other marketing supporting work, the product will be launched into the market. There are nearly 100 consultations every day. I'm not satisfied. I think it's not ready yet

at this time, I began to think deeply about the in-depth problem of theoretical packaging, thinking about how to let consumers connect the product theory with what they know and trust that they will not produce body care products with beads by the end of next year, and strengthen this theory through the integration of other means. To this end, I played two cards:

1. I combined the theory of combined thrombolysis with the 'aqua regia' of dissolving gold, and used my identity as a member of the drug evaluation expert committee of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine to publish an interview article "he found the 'aqua regia' of dissolving thrombus" in the local newspaper. The article focuses on a point of view, saying that "real gold is not afraid of fire", which is that gold is difficult to dissolve, but after nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid are combined, it is easy to dissolve gold, so it is called 'aqua regia', and thrombolysis by suppository is also an emphasis on combination, so its effect is extremely prominent! This time, consumers understood and understood, and the number of inquiries instantly soared to more than 300, an increase of nearly 5 times! Product sales have also soared

2. Set up a large-scale expert free clinic group. We are looking for experts from four famous hospitals in the province, which are most trusted by consumers, to provide free clinics for consumers and cheer for the theory of "combined thrombolysis". Those two days can be described as a sea of people. Patients from other places came to see a doctor by train. Shuanpuluo listed 1. Five months later, the advertising investment and payment collection began to balance, and the whole sales momentum can be described in two words: fire and fierce

through the planning and marketing process of Shuan Puluo, I deeply realize that with the proposal of product theoretical packaging and concept, the exposed shaft end should protrude from the end face of the containing part, and it can't just stay on the paper, or just shout as a slogan. It must be evolved into a password that connects with the hearts and needs of consumers, and become a favorable fact that can be authenticated in all aspects. Only in this way can product theory really become the guide of marketing practice, and general medicine can also be on the big stage and sing the big show with heads held high

information source: Chinese and foreign marketing planning

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