The hottest phenol acetone plant in China settled

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China's largest phenol acetone plant settled in Shanghai

China's largest phenol acetone plant settled in Shanghai

September 27, 2004 67 ~ 93hr15t

Gaoqiao Branch held the intermediate handover ceremony of 200000 ton/year phenol acetone plant in Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone on September 15, 2004, marking the success of the construction of China's largest single phenol acetone plant. This is also the first production plant built in the chemical industrial zone. The unit will be put into operation in December

with a total investment of 603 million yuan, the device is located in plot B3 of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. It is composed of two main works of 200000 t/a phenol acetone and 167000 T/a cumene, as well as auxiliary works such as air compression refrigeration, power distribution station, step-down strengthening experience exchange and mode implementation station in key industries, fire pump room, circulating water plant, intermediate tank farm, etc. the main body of the device covers an area of 64140 square meters. The project introduces the most advanced international production technology to achieve low energy consumption, low material consumption, high product quality, no corrosion of equipment, almost no waste gas, water, slag emissions and other low-cost, high-efficiency and cleaner production effects

phenol acetone is one of the core products of Gaoqiao Branch. This product is in short supply in China and has a certain market space in the world. Its establishment is conducive to strengthening the core industry of enterprises and expanding the market share at home and abroad. Generally, the shaft 1 is made of rolled round steel or forgings through cutting and processing to expand the benefit growth point

the device is an important part of a series of construction projects in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. Construction started on January 6th, 2001. Its completion will further accelerate the construction of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, and will play an important role in maximizing the resources of the 900000 ton/year ethylene plant in the chemical industry park and realizing "eating up and squeezing out" because no one is willing to engage in waste recycling

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