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Pharmintech 2007: a pharmaceutical event that can't be missed

on November 8, 2006, Ipack-Ima spa held the Italian packaging and pharmaceutical industry and pharmintech 2007 press conference at the Royal Hotel Beijing


in June, 2007, the host institution IPack ima spa will hold pharmintech again in Bologna, Italy. This is also the only professional exhibition of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. The exhibition is held every three years. In 2004, materials was held through a preheating furnace. Before the first pharmintech, there was no "professional" pharmaceutical exhibition in Europe. It is precisely because of the successful holding of pharmintech 2004 that Europe now has a truly professional pharmaceutical exhibition

pharmintech in 2004 attracted 321 exhibitors. Nearly 1/3-100 exhibitors came from countries outside Italy, attracting more than 6000 professional visitors. A large proportion of visitors came from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Australia. Because it is located in the Mediterranean, pharmintech also attracts a large number of visitors from southern France, Spain, Greece and Turkey. In addition, for buyers from Eastern European countries, Italy is the best place to host the exhibition, and pharmintech has attracted visitors from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine

pharmintech 2007 will show the industry the latest technologies and solutions in the pharmaceutical, personal care and health care industries. Major Italian packaging machinery manufacturers and packaging machinery manufacturers in other countries will show their pharmaceutical machinery. It is not only a packaging exhibition, but also a wide range of exhibits, involving the whole process of drug production:

packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, personal care products and nutrition industries

auxiliary equipment, accessories and parts

pharmaceutical Raw materials for personal care products and nutritional products industry (pharmaceutical APIs; pharmaceutical excipients; excipients)

Infrastructure - plant - Logistics


at the same time, ISPE's Italian branch will also hold a one-day conference to further improve the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength during pharmaceutical 2007, with the theme of "research, development and innovation of pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery". Their 600 members will be invited to the meeting

in addition, pharmintech 2007 will be promoted at major pharmaceutical and packaging exhibitions and conferences around the world. For example, after Pack Expo, phar mintech 2007 will be officially promoted on China Pharm in Beijing

relevant information: advantages of Italian packaging machinery manufacturers

Italian packaging machinery has achieved great success in the world and has a high market share in every region. For example, in Europe, Italy accounts for 25% of the European packaging machinery sales market, and is the second largest packaging machinery sales country after Germany. In the United States, Italy accounts for 19% of the market share. In other countries such as Oceania and Africa, Italy is the largest supplier. It is also the largest supplier in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, India, and Turkey

source: CPA Shanghai Representative Office

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