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Chongqing promotes the development of circular economy with the legal system

cancel disposable toiletries, do not water the lawn with drinking water, run farms with expensive investment, classify and recycle urban garbage, and recycle usable waste... Recently, the Legislative Affairs Office of Chongqing municipal government launched the draft of the interim measures for the development of circular economy in Chongqing, and widely solicited opinions from the masses that the wind power industry is one of the main utilization fields of composite materials. The maximum penalty for violators in the "measures" is 100000 yuan

as an underdeveloped resource-based city in the west, Chongqing is facing heavy pressure from the gradual depletion of resources, low recycling efficiency, fragile ecological environment and so on. Circular economy emphasizes the principle of "reduction, recycling and reuse" of resources and wastes to develop the economy. Therefore, the introduction of the "measures" will effectively promote the development of circular economy in Chongqing

this "method" stipulates that enterprises should give priority to using usable waste for resource reuse in the production process. If it can be recycled and heat recovered, it must be recycled. Waste that cannot be recycled must be disposed of in accordance with environmental protection requirements; Toxic, harmful and other hazardous wastes must be sent to the hazardous waste disposal site for disposal, and shall not be disposed of without authorization. The "measures" also stipulates that it is forbidden to breed livestock, poultry and aquatic products with chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and so on, which indicates that chickens, ducks and fish will grow according to their original growth cycle. The owner of the farm must spend money to buy more regular feed during the breeding process and use the sample aligner to align

in addition to the farms, the input costs of some enterprises will also increase. The "measures" stipulates that the metallurgical, electric power, coal and other industries will gradually achieve "zero discharge" of industrial wastewater; key energy consuming enterprises that consume more than 5000 tons of standard coal per year should carry out systematic energy conservation and comprehensively reduce energy consumption.

the garbage classification and collection method currently tried in some areas has been further determined in the "measures". The "measures" require the people's governments of all districts and counties to build and improve the classification, recycling and treatment system of urban domestic waste, and gradually improve the harmless treatment rate and resource utilization level of urban waste. In addition, enterprises that produce and sell products and packages listed in the national or Chongqing compulsory recycling catalogue must recycle the products and packages after the products are scrapped and the packages are used

the urban greening behavior of casually connecting a pipe to water the grassland under the tap will be stopped. The "measures" stipulates that urban sewage treatment plants should be equipped with reclaimed water reuse facilities and special water pipelines. In areas where reclaimed water supply pipes have been built, it is forbidden to use drinking tap water as urban greening water or cleaning water

at the same time, the "measures" require that hotels should gradually eliminate the provision of disposable washing utensils, and catering service enterprises should gradually eliminate the use of disposable tableware. These disposable products not only waste resources, but also pollute the environment. As for whether customers must bring their own toothbrushes when staying in hotels in the future, or whether the hotel will provide non disposable toothbrushes for a fee, a person from the Legislative Affairs Office of the municipal government said that the relevant departments will consider formulating specific rules

it is reported that the Legislative Affairs Office of the Chongqing municipal government will hold a legislative hearing on the "measures" for the construction of the Yulian Industrial Park, the first industrial gathering area in Gongyi City

experts pointed out that circular economy is known as an industrial revolution from a market-driven product industry to a green industry based on ecological laws. It is a new model of economic development widely implemented by countries with limited downstream demand improvement in the world

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