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Chongqing improves the two-part electricity price system and optimizes the time of use electricity price policy recently, the municipal development and Reform Commission issued a notice on several working measures to serve the private economy. The traditional accounting system uses projects such as direct labor to summarize indirect costs and the cost of supporting activities, and supports the development of the private economy in Chongqing by deepening the reform of "deregulation and service", encouraging private investment, private enterprise financing and other 18 specific measures

focus on deepening the reform of "release, management and service"

1 further reduce the approval time. Simplify the approval process of industrial and commercial (including real estate) investment projects outside the catalogue of investment projects approved by the government, reduce the approval time limit of general social investment projects to 50 working days, reduce the approval time of small-scale social investment projects to 35 working days, and reduce the approval time of general industrial projects from land acquisition to construction to 15 working days

2 strengthen the examination and approval service. Further optimize the investment project service supervision platform, realize the approval and filing of enterprise investment projects, independent declaration of enterprises, automatic identification of the system, automatic allocation and processing, automatic collection of information, and improve the efficiency of approval services

3 strictly implement the fair competition system. We will strengthen the review of fair competition, put an end to discriminatory regulations and practices, and give all kinds of enterprises, especially private enterprises, equal opportunities to participate in competition. Establish and improve the mechanism for private enterprises to participate in the formulation of enterprise related policies, take listening to the opinions of market subjects, especially private enterprises, as a special link, and widely solicit the opinions of market subjects through holding symposiums, on-the-spot research visits, solicitation and other forms. For private enterprises' concentrated opinions, organize careful research and demonstration, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant enterprises, and timely feed back the adoption of opinions

4 promote the reform of "release, management and service" of agricultural projects in a wide range of areas. Implement the enterprise's investment autonomy. The enterprise has a wide range of investment points, a large amount of agriculture related new light pet aerogel, which is coated with flame retardants, faces severe energy and environmental challenges (including projects in which the enterprise uses self raised funds, and projects in which the enterprise uses self raised funds and applies for government investment subsidies or loan interest discounts). Except for projects that must be approved or approved according to national and municipal regulations, the filing system is implemented. For projects invested by government subsidized enterprises, the project fund application report should be completed within 10 working days in principle (excluding the time of entrusted intermediary agencies for review). The project is implemented with "one preparation and one approval", and in principle, it is completed within 15 working days (excluding the time of entrusted intermediary review)

support and encourage private capital investment

5 establish a project promotion mechanism to private capital. Relying on the national investment project approval and supervision platform, establish a project library in key areas to attract private capital investment, and promote a number of projects with great commercial potential and clear investment return mechanism to private capital annually to attract private capital investment

6 guide private capital into major infrastructure areas. Explore to determine the project owner through bidding, and support the private economy to participate in and participate in the construction and operation of oil and gas infrastructure such as oil and gas long-distance pipelines. Encourage private capital to enter the field of general aviation construction and participate in the construction of intercity railways. Encourage social capital to participate in the construction and operation of new and existing water conservancy infrastructure

7 encourage social forces to enter the fields of sports elderly care services. For the elderly care service facilities, national fitness service centers and other facilities invested in the central budget, the "public construction and private" mode is strongly encouraged, and professional social forces are introduced for operation and management

8 support private enterprises to build high-quality innovation platforms. Encourage and support private enterprises to build various R & D platforms and enterprise technology centers, and promote the innovative development of private enterprises. Guide social capital to share production and operation facilities, biological assets, market channels, etc., and jointly carry out the construction and operation of Municipal Agricultural R & D platforms with municipal scientific research institutions through equity cooperation, funding of R & D funds, and joint operations

support private enterprise financing

9 increase support for private enterprise projects. Actively strive for funds within the central budget, make good use of municipal overall planning funds, and increase support for private enterprise projects

10 support the direct financing of high-quality private enterprises. Actively connect with the national corporate bond policy, support high-quality private enterprises with good credit, stable operation and leading role in the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure or regional economic development to apply for corporate bonds, and raise funds for major national strategies, key areas and key projects

11 support the credit financing of private enterprises. Promote the interaction and integration of public and market credit information, and rely on credit big data to encourage and guide financial institutions to provide guarantee free, low pledge and fast approval credit financing services to private enterprises with good credit conditions and meeting the conditions of credit support

12 support overseas financing of private enterprises. On the premise of reasonably regulating the scale of wear and fatigue of foreign debt and promoting structural optimization, we should actively guide and assist private enterprises with good credit status and strong solvency to use overseas low-cost funds by issuing bonds abroad and borrowing international commercial loans, so as to reduce financing costs, broaden financing channels and optimize capital structure. Guide export-oriented private enterprises to use foreign exchange income as a repayment source to borrow overseas funds, revitalize foreign exchange funds of enterprises, and avoid exchange losses

reduce the energy consumption cost of enterprises

13 establish and improve the electricity service market mechanism. Take measures such as reducing the level of electricity price, market mechanism to reduce the unreasonable cost of power consumption by enterprises, improving the efficiency of power construction and service, and continuing to promote the reform of power system, so as to reduce the cost of power consumption by enterprises in a multi pronged manner. Promote the reduction of unreasonable power consumption costs within enterprises, support and encourage all kinds of power sales companies, integrated energy service companies, energy-saving companies and other market entities to provide users with one-to-one reasonable power consumption diagnosis services, and help power consumption enterprises reduce power consumption costs

14 optimize the TOU price policy. Optimize the implementation scope of TOU price, and reasonably identify the industries in which TOU price policies are implemented. Improve the time of use price policy, reasonably adjust the floating proportion of high and low seasons in our city, and realize that the overall electricity cost burden of enterprises will not be increased

15 improve the two-part electricity price system. Two part power users can voluntarily choose to pay electricity charges according to the transformer capacity or the maximum demand of the contract, or they can choose to pay electricity charges according to the actual maximum demand. Gradually implement the general industrial and commercial and other power consumption options that meet the requirements of transformer capacity, and implement the two-part electricity price of large industry

16 standardize and reduce the charge of electric links. We will strengthen the regulation of transmission and distribution electricity prices, regularly check the transmission and distribution prices of electricity in Chongqing according to national arrangements, and continue to clean up and standardize electricity link charges. Strictly implement and cancel the charging items such as substation interval occupation fee, metering device calibration fee, power load management terminal equipment fee charged by power enterprises to users, and cancel the charging items such as electricity card replacement cost fee, power restoration fee, rename and transfer fee that can be included in the basic service of power supply, as well as other monopoly charging items similar to its service content. If the power enterprise has provided users with the services of calibration and power restoration of metering devices for more than three times and does not belong to the power enterprise, the users shall bear the relevant expenses. Monopoly service charge items that really need to be retained shall be strictly managed and made public to the public in accordance with the local pricing catalogue and the list of service charge catalogue for enterprise operation that implements government pricing, and actively accept social supervision. Items not listed in the catalogue shall not be charged. Reduce the policy cross subsidies and system reserve fees of waste heat, pressure and gas captive power plants

17 regulate unreasonable price increase in power transfer links. We will continue to clean up and standardize all kinds of price increases charged by operators of industrial parks, commercial complexes, office buildings, properties and other businesses to users beyond the electricity sale price stipulated by the state, and ensure that the national electricity price policy is implemented in place. The power in the industrial park can be voluntarily transferred to power enterprises for direct power supply or restructured into incremental distribution

18 reduce the gas consumption cost of enterprises. Encourage large private gas users to directly supply natural gas, reduce intermediate links, and reduce gas consumption costs for enterprises. For the part of industrial enterprises with peak shaving capacity whose daily average gas consumption exceeds 10000 cubic meters transferred by urban gas enterprises, the gas distribution price preference of 0.1 yuan/cubic meter - 0.3 yuan/cubic meter will continue to be implemented

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