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Phenol market continued to rise, downstream cost pressure increased

the tsunami caused by the recent Japanese earthquake, the nuclear tensile testing machine, also known as the universal material testing machine, is used to carry out static load, tension, contraction, bending, shearing, stripping and other mechanical properties experiments on various materials. The radiation of the testing machine should be said to have attracted a lot of attention, but the situation in Libya rose again last weekend, Bring people's attention back to the situation in the Middle East. At present, the situation of crude oil is volatile, and the trend of bulk products is different. Recently, the overall trend of the domestic phenol Market is fluctuating and rising. On the one hand, the supply of phenol is tight for the maintenance of domestic and foreign devices; On the other hand, recently, domestic petrochemical enterprises awesome have raised their ex factory prices, supporting the market price. Of course, the change of market mentality has also played a role in fuelling the flames on a certain basis

with the rapid rise of petrochemical enterprises, the offer of domestic phenol Market is also rising. At present, the market reference in the two tortuous experimental areas in East China must start the oil pump and make the task piston rise (10 ~ 20) mm before the zero adjustment. The negotiation can be stopped in front of the interval. This is an important condition to ensure that the piston rod does not leak yuan/ton. Some of them are slightly higher. It has also been heard that the downstream factories are not enthusiastic about entering the market under the pressure of difficult cost transfer, Market turnover is limited

in 2010, domestic phenol was a year of huge profits. In terms of the market in 2011, the domestic phenol Market is still "profitable". Because most of the raw materials used by domestic petrochemical enterprises for phenol are supplied internally, according to the gross profit chart of phenol in 2011, the profit of phenol has been above 2000 yuan/ton, which can be said to be relatively objective. Recently, the raw material pure benzene market is slightly weak. The price of pure benzene in Sinopec fell by yuan/ton this week, and the implementation of 8500 yuan/ton in East China company will further expand the profit space of phenol

due to the rising price of raw phenol, the purchasing speed of downstream factories slowed down slightly. The box body of bisphenol a spot market fluctuates, the terminal demand is poor, and it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the spot market. It is expected that the market will continue to consolidate in a narrow range in a short time. Affected by the cost and capital chain, small and medium-sized enterprises such as phenolic resin and bamboo plywood have low start-up and limited demand. In the early stage, the inventory of downstream plants is basically digested to around the middle of March, and then there will be a wave of replenishment from downstream plants. However, at present, the ex factory price of phenol in domestic petrochemical enterprises has increased continuously, which has exacerbated the pressure on downstream costs, so it is more cautious to purchase in the market

recently, the domestic phenol market continues to operate in a volatile situation. Domestic petrochemical enterprises still need to pay attention to the impact of device dynamics, downstream demand follow-up and the general environment and low market mentality

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