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Shiniman made a wonderful appearance at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo. Huang Weiguo, vice president and general manager of the whole house customization business department, said in an interview with Huiya information home hotline that shiniman would improve its strength in all aspects and create a perfect service chain

from July 8 to 11, 2016, schneiman made a wonderful appearance at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo, attracting many dealers to gather around for consultation and cooperation. In an interview with Huiya information home hotline, Huang Weiguo, vice president and general manager of the whole house customization business unit of sieneman, said that "customization" is both the current trend and the future trend in the home industry. Sieneman will improve its strength in all aspects and build a perfect service chain

interview guest: Huang Weiguo, vice president and general manager of the whole house customization business department of Guangzhou shiniman home furnishing Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: we know that the concept of customized home furnishing has been more than ten years since 2001. What kind of opportunity did shiniman enter the home customization industry by coincidence

Mr. Huang: schneiman was founded in the first half of 2003, which is also one of the first batch of veteran enterprises. Our chairman, the founder of schneiman, started as a screen window maker, which is also a small customization. A friend of his came back from abroad and mentioned the concept of customized home. He felt good abroad. At that time, a brand in our industry has been working here for more than a year, and the market response was good. Our chairman keenly felt that although this industry was only in its infancy at that time, it had a broad future, so he changed his career and founded the brand of sieneman, which was also called sieneman wardrobe at that time. Now it is the 13th anniversary of sieneman this year, and our sieneman has also been renamed sieneman full house customization. Our product fullness and service ability have undergone revolutionary changes

home hotline: at present, the customization industry is moving towards a mature stage. What are the biggest opportunities and challenges that schneiman has encountered at this stage

Mr. Huang: if there is an opportunity, it is that when the whole industry is developing at a high speed, we caught up with this upsurge. I believe you can also feel the popularity in this Guangzhou China Construction Expo. As long as there is no customization, both manufacturers and merchants feel that there is no future. If there is no customization, they will feel a little embarrassed. Therefore, the word "customization" should be the hottest word in the current home furnishing industry. I summarize it, that is, the concept of "no customization, no home furnishing", basically speaking of customization. So this is a big environment. If you are challenged, in fact, you will grow when you enter the industry, but the competition is also intensifying. Since there were only a dozen enterprises in the whole industry before, there are hundreds of brands in the home furnishing industry alone. Although the market share is growing, the number of people sharing the cake is also increasing. Some people will eat very full, while others can only be half full. This is also possible. Third, at the stage of whole house customization, we are facing a wider range of services, which puts forward higher requirements for our service ability and our understanding of customization. Maybe the longer your battle line is, the more we need to be closer to the whole service chain in terms of service capability, informatization capability, intelligent manufacturing capability, etc. otherwise, the louder the slogan is shouted, the greater the pain and pressure you may face. So I think the challenge comes from higher requirements for myself. If you focus on a small field, maybe you do this screw, then you just need to concentrate on doing it well, but what you are doing now is not a screw, what is it? We put forward the whole house customization, which means that what we want is the overall space solution, which covers at least ten times the breadth and difficulty of the previous one, I think

home hotline: what direction do you think the future product line of the wardrobe industry should go

Mr. Huang: in the development process of any industry, there may be a situation where a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend, which is also what we advocate, but ultimately it is up to the market to clear the sand -- consumers are willing to pay, which is valuable for a manufacturing enterprise and a product. As a value carrier, household products should first ensure two needs, the first is functional needs, and then carry an aesthetic and decorative needs. We can only say that the positioning of the product is different from high school to low school, and the style is different from Chinese style to European style, but in general, the significance and mission of the product is to meet the life needs of consumers. When we make customization, we should establish a sense of service, and do what we say and do, quality and quantity. In the end, it doesn't matter what style or price. Public trust is the most important thing for an enterprise

home hotline: in your opinion, what are the future competitive points of the customized furniture industry

Mr. Huang: I think the so-called competitive point is whether your customization chain is perfect with the development of the city, especially whether the front and back of the whole customization can be integrated. Second, how perfect can you do in the whole process of house customization, from design, to product production, to logistics distribution and installation. Third, since it is customized, it is a C2B mode. Our finished product is B2C. When the bedstead is ready, we sell it to you. Whether you like it or not, I will choose these three styles. You can choose either this or that. We are different. I'll give you accessories and you can match them by yourself. Within the scope of what I can do, the scheme I give you may be 100. Our customization industry is actually industry 4.0, and our processing is all personalized processing. Our manufacturing is intelligent manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, which is the most fundamental competition

customized products are delivered to customers' homes. When the products are still in logistics, they are semi-finished products. Finally, they are installed and maintained. There is also a soft competition. With the same hardware, our differences in service awareness and ability can have a great impact on the development of enterprises. Customization is like this, including my design, order processing, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. In fact, it is service. The final competition is service awareness and service ability

home hotline: so this year is the 18th year of the China Construction Expo. On the occasion of the 18th coming of age ceremony of the China Construction Expo, do you have any blessings to send

president Huang: Happy 18th birthday of China Construction Expo. I believe there will be more, better and more perfect 36th birthday, or even n 18th birthday, OK, let's witness it together




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