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Introduction: mirror is one of the more common daily necessities in home life. Every family will have more or less mirrors; For families with beautiful women, mirrors are an essential part of household products. When decorating, properly installing some floor mirrors can increase the sense of space in the room, which is particularly obvious in small houses. But we can't just focus on beauty and ignore other problems. In Feng Shui of decoration, mirrors are tricky items. If they are placed properly, they will increase the growth rate and increase the transportation. If they are not placed properly, it is easy to cause family breakdown. So what are the taboos in the placement of mirrors in Feng Shui of house decoration

it's inappropriate to look at the door through the mirror.

don't put a mirror directly in front of the door. This will make the door god and the God of wealth scared away by the mirror God, which is to block the meaning of the God of wealth. In addition, if you are a businessman, it will lead to bad business and money over loan

a gossip mirror hanging on the door

a gossip mirror is placed above the door, which will make the neighbor who lives opposite you think you reflect a bad magnetic field to him. In addition, when you buy and sell houses, the seller will think whether your home is evil and improve the difficulty of getting rid of it

it is inappropriate for the mirror to be embedded in the ceiling.

the mirror is embedded in the ceiling. Usually, the people below will consume gas, money and your health

it's inappropriate to mirror the bed.

people are the most relaxed and unsuspecting when they sleep, so if they get up in the middle of the night and are scared by themselves in the mirror, they will hurt the original God. In addition, looking at the bed in the mirror is also easy for couples to turn their faces frequently, contributing to the possibility that the other half often has an affair

it is inappropriate to look at the toilet door in the mirror

looking at the toilet door in the mirror will make couples get into trouble when dealing with things, and weaken the sexual function of men at home, while women are prone to women's diseases

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many people tend to focus on the design of living rooms, bedrooms and other locations when decorating their homes, and forget the importance of study design. In fact, a study with good feng shui is not only conducive to career development, but also conducive to further study and promotion. If the place at home is shallow and narrow, and there is no study, you can also apply the following Feng Shui Tips to your desk, which can also help you get better grades in the workplace or school

・ see the window nearby ・

the study is a place for thinking. In order to avoid affecting the thinking, the window of the study should be large and sunny, and should not be covered by curtains for a long time, otherwise it is easy to feel tired when you bury your head in work, and your thinking is difficult to be clear; In addition, the window is best on the left side of the desk, and there should be no window on the right and rear of the desk, otherwise, it will form a hand shadow and affect learning. Click to apply for free, free design, free room measurement, and decoration security

effect drawing of study decoration

・ back against the solid wall ·

the seat of the desk should never be back to or face any door, otherwise the rush of the door will lead to people's inability to concentrate, lack of patience, poor memory or weakened understanding. The best arrangement is to lean against or face the solid wall; If the reality does not permit, if you back to the door, you can choose a high back chair or place a bookcase as a remedy; As for the desk facing the door, it can only be closed for a long time

・ use more green instead of dark color ・

the representative color of Wenchang is green, so the study should also choose green more, so that people can do things more regularly and methodically, and also have a greater chance of success; The darker color series, such as black, gray or dark blue, are easy to make people feel stressed and lose interest in work or study, so try to avoid using them

・ invisible crossbeam ・

crossbeams should not be pressed on desks and seats, otherwise it will make people nervous and prone to physical problems

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