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Toilet wall waterproofing is a very important part of decoration. If it is not done well, it will lead to the quality of life in the future. The waterproof height of toilet wall is unknown to many decoration owners, and it is also what we want to know

the waterproof steps of the bathroom wall are not as simple as you think, but it needs to spend a certain amount of energy and strictly follow the requirements. If the waterproof of the bathroom wall is not done well, it will affect the quality of life and bring unnecessary troubles. Next, I will introduce the waterproof height of the bathroom wall and the waterproof steps of the bathroom wall

waterproof height of toilet wall

1. If the waterproof height of toilet wall is too low, long-term Bathing will make the wall saturated, which is easy to cause moldy wall, wall falling off, and lose waterproof performance

2. Generally, the height of the non shower wall is about 1.5 meters, but in order to strengthen the waterproof effect, it can also be as high as 1.8 meters, but the cost is high. However, for the light wall of the toilet reconstruction, the waterproof height should be the top

waterproof steps of toilet wall

1. It is best to waterproof the toilet floor first, and level it first. If you want to replace the toilet tiles, after smashing the original tiles, level the floor with cement mortar, and then waterproof it out, so as to avoid water leakage caused by too thin waterproof paint

2. When making waterproof, the joints should be painted in place. The joints between the walls of the toilet are the most prone to problems above the joints of the sewer ground. Therefore, during construction, workers must deal with the edges and corners, and waterproof paint must be applied in place

3. Generally, the bathroom wall is waterproof, and a 35 cm waterproof coating should be applied on the wall to prevent water from penetrating the wall. If the bathroom wall is a non load-bearing light wall, the whole wall should be coated with waterproof coating. If you use a two fan shower screen in your home, the two walls connected should also be painted full. If you use a bathtub in your home, the height of the waterproof coating on the wall adjacent to the bathtub should also be higher than the top edge of the bathtub

4. After the toilet construction is completed, the water outlet of the toilet can be blocked, and a 30 cm “ Ridge ”, Then pour 30cm high water into the bathroom. After 24 hours, check whether there is water leakage on the surrounding walls and floors. Doing this kind of waterproof is the key word to ensure the quality of bathroom waterproof engineering, so it must be done well

5. In order to keep the sewer unobstructed, all sewers and floor drains in the bathroom should be kept unobstructed, so as to avoid the tragedy of water seepage

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the waterproof height of the toilet wall and the waterproof steps of the toilet wall. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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