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It has been a month since the home decoration Committee of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association issued and implemented the "Beijing family room decoration design service specification and fee reference standard". However, many consumers are still confused about the design fee, and the wild decoration is still carrying out the final resistance

the standard stipulates that designers who hold the architectural decoration design grade professional title certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of personnel and the designer professional grade qualification certificate issued by the Beijing Architectural Decoration Association should charge design fees when designing home decoration projects. Experts from the Beijing Building Decoration Association said that when consumers are decorating, they should hire professional designers

reason 1

it may be more expensive to invite guerrillas to decorate

when it comes to home design fees, Mr. Ding Qinghui, who recently plans to buy a house, said, "I think it's better to find wild decoration! Please ask a special designer to charge, and I can't afford it with my income." In this regard, industry insiders revealed that "wild decoration" may cost more money

the reporter learned from the home decoration Committee of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association that at present, the charge for home decoration design is mainly based on the combination of house type and designer qualification level. It is reported that for engineering designs with a general decoration area of no more than 80 square meters and a project cost of no more than 30000 yuan, the design cost of each project is 500 yuan; For high-end decoration such as duplex houses with more than four floors and single family villas, engineering designs with an interior area of more than 80 square meters will be charged according to the interior decoration area and the designer's qualification level. The design fee standard ranges from 20 yuan/square meter to 50 yuan/square meter, "within this range, it is controlled by the design unit."

Li Yujie, Secretary General of the home decoration Committee of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association, said that it is very reasonable for designers to charge fees for providing designs. After all, design is a work that requires very fine personal quality. We want to return to the design itself when we introduce this standard

the general manager of a well-known home decoration company in Beijing told reporters that although regular designers charge a certain fee, each payment is listed very clearly. Unlike wild decoration, the asking price is low, but there are always some other costs in the decoration process. "After decoration, it's impossible to say who is cheaper."

reason 2

if there is a problem with home decoration, go directly to the designer

decoration is a major event for a family, and many families have someone specially supervising the home decoration process. However, in spite of this, there are still many late problems brought by decoration, which are often seen in the newspapers. In this regard, relevant experts said that professional designers should bear the corresponding responsibility for their design, and if there are quality problems in the later stage, they should directly find the designer

the reporter saw in the charging standard of home decoration design that the designer's responsibilities include obtaining the basis of entrusted design, data preparation before scheme design, scheme design, construction drawing design, technical disclosure and Q & A, design change, dealing with all technical problems in the content of relevant drawings during construction and participating in the completion acceptance

Hua Shaoxian, general consultant of the home decoration Committee of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association, reminded consumers that the work of designers is not only the preliminary design, but also must be involved in the completion acceptance. The reporter learned from the design fee standard that the designer's design drawings should meet various standards. In other words, designers should be responsible for home decoration design from material selection to decoration pollution

[intimate tips]

the selection of designers should check their qualifications

as designers have the right to charge design fees, and the requirements for the qualification certificate of designers are relatively strict, according to the analysis of insiders, it is not ruled out that some decorators may use fake qualification certificates of home decoration design. Here, the insiders remind consumers that they must pay more attention to their certificates

it is understood that only designers who have obtained the architectural decoration design grade certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of personnel or the designer industry qualification grade certificate issued by the Beijing Architectural Decoration Association can charge engineering design fees. There are different requirements for designers of different levels. Therefore, when hiring designers, consumers can learn some professional knowledge about design in advance and make a simple investigation of their work experience

don't trust the building materials recommended by the designer

don't listen to the one-sided words of the designer, even if he has obtained the qualification of first-class home decoration designer. When designing, you must always keep a clear head and know that it is always you who know your own needs best. Therefore, we must dare to confess our ideas in front of professional designers

some designers cooperate with building materials manufacturers and deliberately mention so and so plates, tiles, etc. in their design. Consumers must not be credulous. When purchasing building materials, it is best to first examine the real quality of the building materials mentioned by the designer. It's best to buy building materials by yourself

although the designer is responsible for his design, if he finds the designer long after decoration, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not find reasons to prevaricate. Therefore, consumers had better find the designer of a large decoration company. As long as the company has not closed down, it will "run away from the monk and not the temple"





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