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The first 400 horsepower stepless speed change tractor of Yituo fills a number of domestic technical gaps. In CCTV's LianBo, China Yituo independently developed and manufactured Dongfanghong lw4004 heavy-duty tractor made in the United States as a scientific and technological power. Together with many remarkable high-tech achievements in China, it appeared in the large-scale achievement exhibition of "five years of hard work"

the first 400 horsepower stepless variable speed tractor developed by China Yituo has been exhibited on the same stage, as well as the Jiaolong model, the world's deepest manned submersible, and the wood plastic material for sailing on a strong military journey, which has gradually replaced the traditional wood long-distance weapon equipment model. The Dongfanghong 400 HP stepless variable speed tractor on the booth is tall and powerful, with a full sense of science and technology

dongfanghong-lw4004 heavy-duty tractor is the first 400 HP stepless speed change tractor independently developed in China. Its appearance ends the history that China must import heavy-duty tractors with more than 350 HP. The tractor has broken through the key core technologies of heavy tractors such as continuously variable transmission system and intelligent control management system, filled a number of domestic technical gaps, and can be engaged in heavy-duty farmland operations such as deep ploughing, subsoiling and joint land preparation, meeting the needs of precision agriculture and precision agriculture, and promoting the technological progress of the industry

(9) the gear pair in the gearbox of the radial piston oil pump of the metal impact testing machine is poorly meshed. This time, as the only representative enterprise in China's agricultural machinery industry, China Yituo took the Dongfanghong lw4004 heavy tractor to the exhibition, which fully demonstrated the strength of China Yituo in China's agricultural machinery manufacturing

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