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The first and second general meeting and new year's meeting of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Society of mechanical and electrical engineering was held on December 29, 2017. The first and second general meeting and new year's meeting of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Society of mechanical and electrical engineering was held in Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel. More than 200 people attended the conference, including Hangzhou Xiaoshan technician college, Zhejiang Asia Pacific electromechanical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Youjia Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou gear group, Hangzhou Iveco Automotive Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., general electric, Shengda Group, Zhejiang Hengyi Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xinmei Complete Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Qianjiang Electric Group Co., Ltd Members of Hangzhou Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., Jiepai Holding Group Co., Ltd., hangshen Group Co., Ltd. and other units and individual members, as well as special guests from Zhejiang Electromechanical Industry Association, electromechanical home, Xinhua third group, School of electromechanical engineering, China Metrology University, School of information engineering, Zhejiang University of technology and other units

the meeting was presided over by Vice Chairman xushuikang. First of all, chairman xuhongping made an important speech. He said that since its establishment, the society has always adhered to the mission of promoting regional economic transformation and upgrading, and the primary task of promoting the development and utilization of science and technology and educational resources and the development of advanced manufacturing industry. It has built a platform for scientific and technological talents and skilled technical talents to carry out academic discussion, technical exchange, technical consultation and technical services, and a platform for work exchange, technical cooperation and collaborative innovation among member units. At present, nearly 30 well-known enterprises in precision manufacturing, intelligent equipment, big data, cloud computing, IOT, application design and other fields have joined the platform. In the new year, the society will become better and better and go to a higher level

at the same time

(vice chairman xushuikang presided over the meeting)

(Chairman xuhongping made an important speech)

next, Secretary General jinlingfang and supervisor lujianfeng successively made the annual work report and annual financial report of the society. Secretary General jinlingfang has made articles of association, standardized operation and management of the society, carried out subject research, held academic activities, organized visits and exchanges, and organized participation in appraisal and evaluation. At present, the main varieties include polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyether ketone (PEK), polyether ketone ketone (PEKK), polyether ether ketone ketone (PEKK) and polyether ketone ether ketone ketone ketone (PEKK), publicity of the society, member development The shortcomings and prospects are summarized, and the experimental curve can be displayed in real time. Supervisor lujianfeng reported on the financial system and management measures, standardized financial management, budget arrangement, revenue and expenditure and balance, deficiencies and prospects

(secretary general jinlingfang made the annual work report of the society)

after that, vice chairman lizhengang read out the list of new unit members and individual members and the list of new council members

(vice chairman lizhenggang read out the list of new members of the association and the list of new council members)

after the working meeting of the society, Professor xuhongping, chairman of the society and President of Hangzhou Xiaoshan technician college, gave a keynote speech on "integration of industry and education in the context of intelligent manufacturing". Professor xuhongping shared his ideas and views from four aspects: the industrial characteristics of intelligent manufacturing, the talents needed under the background of intelligent manufacturing industry, the current situation of intelligent manufacturing industry and talent training, and the integration of industry and education under the background of intelligent manufacturing. He believes that, in a broad sense, intelligent manufacturing is a broad concept. Whether it is intelligent or manufacturing, it is the deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology and the new generation of information technology, which runs through all links of the whole life cycle of products, manufacturing and services. The new generation of intelligent manufacturing will redistribute the work between man and machine, and fundamentally liberate man's physical and mental work. In the new generation of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products are the main body and intelligent production is the main line. Intelligent products need more innovative and creative design talents and artificial intelligence technical talents, while intelligent production needs the support of high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, and more people need to become new engineering, new technology and new skill talents with integration of theory and practice, human-computer interaction, knowledge integration, technology compounding, international vision and instant innovation. However, the talent structure of China's intelligent manufacturing industry is far from reaching a reasonable level. The key to solving the bottleneck of talent training lies in the integration of production and education. The integration of industry and education should solve the problems of understanding, standards, teachers, policies and impetuousness, learn the educational mode of medical universities, first "fall in love" between schools and enterprises, and then "fall in love" between enterprise students. It should reform the objectives, structure and mode of talent training, and finally establish a professional curriculum system for joint development, jointly establish school and enterprise teachers, jointly formulate talent training standards, jointly share the base platforms of both sides, and jointly implement the integrated management of work and learning School enterprise students who jointly research and develop new technologies and products, jointly participate in talent assessment and evaluation, and jointly carry out international qualification certification

(Professor xuhongping, chairman of the society and President of Hangzhou Xiaoshan technician college, made a keynote speech)

finally, several member units played corporate promotional videos, displayed product technology, corporate culture, human resources, etc., and conducted exchanges and discussions

after the meeting, leaders of the society, representatives of unit members and individual members took group photos and wished each other a happy new year

(group photo of leaders of foam granulator Association, representatives of unit members and individual members)

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