The first 5T truck crane in China was born in XCMG

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The first 5T truck crane in New China was born in XCMG

the first 5T truck crane in New China was born in XCMG

China Construction Machinery Information

1957, and successfully developed the first tower crane

In 1960, the first steam roller in New China

1963, the first 5-ton truck crane in New China

1975, the first 4-ton loader was successfully developed...

from poverty to self-reliance, introduction and absorption to independent innovation, the long river of time has witnessed the mighty and magnificent legend of XCMG. It has not forgotten its original intention for 76 years, 30 years of innovation and struggle, and a strong industrial backbone, supporting the body of modern China

in XCMG exhibition hall, there is a truck crane with military green coating and steel frame boom structure. Known as the "old five tons", it is the first crane built in New China by self-reliance research and development to ensure that the parallelism between the center of the hydraulic cylinder and the guide rail surface of the mobile mechanism (workbench) is within 0.1mm. It is the fruit of the victory of the older generation of Xu workers in overcoming difficulties, and it is also the starting point of China's construction machinery manufacturing dream. It is silent, but it records the glorious history that a generation of people and a common enterprise can not be an enterprise

the "old five tons" in XCMG exhibition hall

in the 1960s, Sino Soviet relations deteriorated. The Soviet Union withdrew all experts in China and stopped supplying important equipment urgently needed by China's construction, causing serious difficulties for domestic construction. Under the circumstances at that time, the state put forward the slogan of "self-reliance and hard work". In 1962, the fifth Bureau of the Ministry of machinery of the people's Republic of China handed over the trial production of the q51 5-ton Jiefang Truck crane to XCMG

XCMG of the older generation required the alloy to have as high static strength as possible. At that time, the key technologies of truck cranes were monopolized by foreign countries. New China's scientific, technological and industrial foundation was weak and resources were scarce; No drawings, no equipment, everything starts from scratch. It is conceivable that the development of XCMG truck crane is difficult

"this is a glorious mission. We should show the will and courage to win a decisive battle, and come up with ideas and methods that are beyond the routine. We should work together to tackle tough problems and bite down on this hard bone!" Duzhongshi, then Secretary of the Party committee, made a military order. A special battle started in XCMG. The enterprise leaders transferred professional backbone and set up a special research team

once the strength is united, there will be no difficulties that cannot be overcome, no obstacles that cannot be overcome, and nothing that cannot be accomplished. Everyone forgot to eat and sleep and devoted themselves to production. Many people even lived in factories for several months. The road of independent innovation was blocked and long. However, after nearly 200 days and nights of struggle, the older generation of Xu workers finally completed the assembly and commissioning of the prototype in march1963 and passed the verification

"old five tons" has been verified

in the poor and weak 1960s, advanced construction machinery and equipment brought earth shaking changes to the national engineering construction

the "old five tons" were put into engineering construction

the "old five tons" rescue of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake

although it is the first crane independently developed, the "old five tons" have no inferior quality and performance, and have been widely praised, and even exported to Asia, Africa and European countries in the 1980s

up to now, we can still see the "old five ton" operation of XCMG, who is nearly 40 years old. It still operates flexibly and publicizes XCMG's quality "myth" of "leading technology and indestructible use"

difficulties and hardships make you successful. Xu workers of the older generation have cultivated a thriving new Xugong on a piece of white paper

the scene of the times is changing, but the steadfast and hardworking spirit of Xu workers and the original intention of Xu workers to serve the country through industry remain unchanged

In 1989, three factories and one institute were established, becoming the first group company in the industry. XCMG, adhering to the practical spirit inherited from the older generation, has led the industry out of a path of independent innovation to fight the stars and the sea

In 2002, XCMG successfully developed China's first qay25 all terrain crane with independent intellectual property rights. In 2018, xca1600 all terrain crane with the strongest hoisting performance in the world was launched. In terms of lightweight design, heavy haul transfer and other technologies, xca1600 all terrain crane was deeply in line with the entrepreneurial needs of the world's leading

time. This silent and enthusiastic writer, with a long time, recorded the spirit of XCMG in overcoming difficulties and being down-to-earth, He wrote the "XCMG miracle" from small to large and from big to strong. From the "old five tons" to the world's No. 1 xca1600, XCMG has engraved the belief of "carrying great responsibilities and making great achievements" on the huge picture of the times, constantly refreshing the No. 1 "XCMG record" in China and even the world, lighting a heavy color in the construction machinery industry, and standing up the backbone of China's equipment manufacturing industry

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