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Xinhua news agency, Hefei, December 30 (Cheng Shihua, Yan Xiangling) - BOE Hefei's 8.5 generation oxide TFT-LCD production line, China's first oxide panel production line, was recently put into operation in Hefei

according to the relevant person in charge of BOE Hefei generation 8.5 project, BOE Hefei generation 8.5 oxide TFT-LCD production line is the first oxide panel production line in China. The production line has a total investment of 28.5 billion yuan and a design capacity of 90000 glass substrates/month. In addition to the production of oxide TFT-LCD displays, it also plans to have a capacity of 2000 glass substrates/month for the production of new AMOLED displays

after BOE Hefei generation 8.5 line is put into operation, it can drive the upstream and downstream industries to invest more than 20 billion yuan. The experimental operation position is at the bottom, the tax payment is about 3billion yuan, and more than 20000 new jobs are created, forming a semiconductor industry cluster with an output value of nearly 100 billion yuan in recent years. The smooth operation of the production line is an important measure taken by BOE to seize the high-end oxide TFT-LCD display and new OLED display market due to the government's excessive reliance on real estate. It is of great strategic significance for China's semiconductor display industry to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level and drive the all-round development of China's electronic information industry

according to the relevant person in charge of BOE, the display products using oxide TFT technology have higher resolution, more realistic images, higher refresh rate and thinner weight. At the same time, due to the improvement of light transmittance, the energy consumption is further reduced. Oxide TFT technology is also a key technology in the R & D and manufacturing of AMOLED display technology, especially in the realization of large-scale ultra-high definition display. Systems and working principles of the digital display universal material testing machine of China glass () department:

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