The first 5MW glass electric brick production line

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China's first 5MW "glass brick" production line was put into operation in Changzhou.

"glass brick" is a kind of building material with the functions of decoration and "turning light into electricity". Unlike other solar products that can only benefit from direct sunlight, "glass electric brick" can collect light and convert it into electricity as long as it can receive light

at present, the production lines of "glass brick

" in the world are generally below 2.5 MW. In China, the 5MW production line was put into operation for the first time with an operating profit margin of 5% in the fourth quarter

"glass electric brick" can be directly used for the glass curtain wall of high-rise buildings. In the future, Changzhou's "glass brick" production will also develop a series of energy-saving products, such as street lights, lawn lights, courtyard lights, agricultural insect killing lights, signal lights, traffic warning lights, information display screens, etc

the first 5MW "glass brick" production line in China is produced by Changzhou Yuanchang photoelectric energy Co., Ltd. This new photovoltaic enterprise is mainly engaged in the production of amorphous silicon photoelectric templates, and more than 90% of its products are exported

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